Muslims Charge NH Innkeeper with ‘Racism’ for Having 9-11 Memorial in Lobby

A pair of Muslims caused a ruckus then had an innkeeper arrested on “hate crimes” charges because they were “offended” by a lobby display dedicated to the murdered Americas from the Islamofascist terror attack on Sept. 11, 2001.

Priscilla Protasowick, the 32-year-old operator of the Covered Bridge River View Lodge in Jackson, New Hampshire, was charged with a “hate crime” after the Muslims began screaming at her over the 9/11 banner hanging in the lobby.

According to the local Union Leader newspaper:

Prosecutors said Protasowicki assaulted Massachusetts residents Mohamed Ghallami and Chahrazade Mounaji in an attempt to get them to leave the premises because of their religion and national origin. That latter element carries a “hate-crime” enhancement.

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Separately, Protasowicki is facing a civil prosecution by the Attorney General’s office for allegedly violating the New Hampshire Civil Rights Act.

So, how did this all come about?

On the day the couple was to check in, Protasowicki said she got a call at 7:30 a.m. from Mounaji, who said she and her daughter were in a “desperate situation” and needed to check in before the standard 3 p.m. time because her husband needed the family vehicle to attend a business meeting.

In preparation for her guests’ arrival, Protasowicki said, she made up their room, but when they arrived around 10 a.m., Ghallami and Mounaji complained about how dirty the motel was, without actually going to see their room.

At some point, the couple observed a 9/11 tribute hanging on a wall in the motel lobby and said they were offended by it, said Protasowicki, although they did not say why. She speculated that they might have interpreted it as carrying some sort of anti-Muslim message, rather than just serving as a reminder of that tragedy.

When Ghallami asked for a refund, Protasowicki explained that the money was forfeited under the terms of the online booking he had made — the room was reserved through a third-party online booking website. Regardless, Protasowicki said she offered him a voucher good for a future visit, which he declined.

At that point, the Muslims became belligerent and began arguing and causing a scene. Ghallami then instructed his wife to start filming on her cell phone and he promised to “make this thing so huge.” Clearly he was angling for Internet fame.

Ghallami later claimed that the innkeeper “assaulted” his wife to stop the filming, a charge Protasowicki calls absurd.

Naturally the terrorist-excusing group CAIR is all in for the Muslim agitators.

“We welcome the decision by the Attorney General’s office to pursue civil rights charges in this case,” CAIR national communications manager Naaz Modan said in a statement. “These types of alleged hate crimes are part of a disturbing trend nationwide and are violations of civil rights that must be afforded to all Americans, regardless of faith or background.”

CAIR was an un-idicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land trial during which the FBI noted that the group sent money to a list of terrorist groups in the Middle East.

The innkeeper intends to plead not guilty.

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