Muslim Women are NOT Allowed to have Passwords on their Electronics! Seriously.

I get a lot of emails whenever I write about the ridiculous things Muslim religious leaders say. Most of them are from liberals (or Muslims) who don’t believe a thing I’ve said or written. Sure I might have provided the links to the article, or might have included a video proving my case… but it doesn’t ever matter. Whatever it is that I have written is wrong, anti-Muslim racist… even if it’s TRUE.

Well, I’m preparing for a new wave of these tired defense of Islam emails because we’ve discovered a new and ridiculous video that says it is against Muslim law for women to have private passwords on their electronics and social media!

Khaled Al-MaghrabiI kid you not… it’s against Islamic Law.

In a lecture delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on December 16, Palestinian cleric Sheik Khaled Al-Maghrabi said that for a woman to have a cell phone, laptop, or Internet account that is blocked with a password unknown to her husband constitutes a violation of Islamic law.

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Watch for yourself



Just in case you think the video is doctored, it comes to us from MEMRI TV or the Middle East Media Research Institute which has been doing work “bridging” the language gap between west and east for years. They are a reputable organization that provides thousands of examples of similarly translated content.

This sermon (or lecture) was delivered at Al-Aqsa Mosque which is the 3rd “holiest” site in Islam, meaning it is a very important place. In other words, when this cleric speaks, the Muslim world listens. This is mainstream Muslim teaching, folks – even if you think it’s crazy.

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