Muslim Terrorists Use Small Child to Execute Prisoners!

In what may be one of the most macabre turns of the ISIS story to date, the Islamic terrorists have just released a video that they say shows a young boy violently executing two men that ISIS claims were Russian spies.

The video was shared by the terrorist organization on Twitter and shows the “confessions” of the two purported spies and then their apparent execution at the hands of the young boy. While the government has not commented on the authenticity of the video, those with knowledge believe that the video seems accurate enough.

Here is an edited version of the terrible video (without the actual shooting).


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ISIS Boy Killer Islam TerroristI wonder when the White House will get the message that the monsters at ISIS aren’t kidding around. They really are looking to mold this planet in their own making.

Since they’ve begun their campaign to conquer Syria and Iraq, their message, methods and even their group have spread across the Islamic world. Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Indonesia… and more.

Not only that – ISIS actually has a “5-year plan” for world domination. Back in the summer, Breitbart released the map that had sprung up on Twitter showing what ISIS expected the world to look like not too far in the future.


ISIS 5 Year


The time to take a stand is now. Do we have the fortitude for the mission?

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