Muslim Terrorists are Now Throwing Gays off of Buildings

I think many of us have grown tired of hearing the passiveness in the voice of liberals whenever the war on terror is being discussed. It seems that somehow every liberal not named Bill Maher, is so anti-Republican that they’ve decided it’s okay to not get on board with the War on Terror.

We’ve seen liberals praise the election and rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, we’ve watched as they wholeheartedly supported the Palestinian terrorist groups who daily rocket Israel, and we’ve even seen them (along with some republicans) pushing to give aid to the Syrian rebels (who now have a soft agreement in place with ISIS).

Well, if the many deviant acts of inhumanity that the ISIS terrorists have committed to this point have not galvanized your opposition to them in the war in terror, then I doubt anything I say will change your mind.

But I’ll try again anyway.

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Today we are reporting that ISIS used a small boy to execute a couple of Russian prisoners, and that the Paris terrorists had been in possession of child pornography, and that a Muslim leader in England thinks that anyone who insults Islam or the prophet Muhammad should be executed… but we have one more thing to tell you about.

ISIS has recently begun posting photos and videos of the executions of homosexuals in Nineveh Province in northern Iraq. Gay men were being executed for the crime of homosexuality by being thrown from the rooftops of buildings before a large crowd in the city.





Sadly this is not the first time this has happened either…


December ISIS Gay


As a conservative pundit I am often called “homophobic” and “anti-gay.” Both epithets are untrue. My personal moral beliefs about homosexuality often put me at odds with people living a gay lifestyle… but I harbor no animosity for them in my heart. I want the best for everyone – no matter their race, creed, color, religion or sexual preference. To watch these men be murdered in such barbaric fashion is horrible and ultimately provides a stunning picture of the difference between us in the “Christian” West and the monsters of ISIS.

Liberals should think carefully about their opposition to conservatives and their tentative embrace of our Islamic opposition. These groups would not hesitate to kill even their most ardent liberal supporters if they had the chance…


H/T Gateway Pundit

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