Muslim Terrorists Murder Hundreds of Other Muslims – the Rest of the Muslim World Stays Silent

We’ve documented time and again the horrible persecution being face by Christians in the Muslim World – particularly in ISIS-dominated Iraq and Syria. Today, we want to highlight the pain being suffered by Sunni Muslims under ISIS.

A Sunni Muslim tribe in Iraq has been fighting for months to keep the monsters from ISIS out of their region – sadly, they have los their fight. And losing to ISIS comes with great and horrible consequences, as the rest of us are quickly learning.

The tribe is called the Albu Nimr and the live near the village of Hit about 90 miles West of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. After months of fiercely defending the region, the Albu Nimr finally could hold out no longer and the city of Hit and the surrounding territories were lost.

The loss wasn’t the worst of it, though.

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Islamic State militants have been exacting harsh revenge against an Iraqi Sunni tribe that fought for months to keep the jihadists at bay, capturing and summarily executing scores of its members, tribal leaders and local officials said Thursday.

ISIS MurdersThe death toll among the tribe, the Albu Nimr, remains unclear; one account put it at more than 200 based on mass grave sites, though that could not be independently verified. But the reports mesh with the Islamic State’s pattern of methodical slaughter as it has consolidated its territorial grabs in Syria and Iraq

Each time the Islamic State seized an area, residents said, its fighters made a point of hunting down police officers or members of the Iraqi Army who had helped in the fight.

“Anyone who was in the state, in the government or the security forces, is their enemy,” said Jalal al-Gaood, a tribal leader and businessman based in Jordan.

If those targeted by the group had already fled, the jihadists would blow up their homes.

“That sends a message to everyone else that this is what is coming for you,” Mr. Gaood said.

On Wednesday of this past week the Albu Nimr continued to suffer the horrors of war with ISIS.

More than 40 members of the Albu Nimr were lined up and executed with gunshots to the head in Hit on Wednesday alone, according to Naem al-Gaood, a tribal sheikh related to Jalal al-Gaood.

In a photo circulated online by Islamic State supporters and said to show the aftermath, dead bodies with deep head wounds lie in line, slumped on a curb.

Reports emerged on Thursday of mass graves near Hit and elsewhere in Anbar Province that held the bodies of dozens of other members of the tribe, but photos of the bodies were not released and the reports could not be independently confirmed.

It’s not just Muslims in Iraq who are suffering (we’ve already laid out the persecution and pain being suffered by Christians and other non-Islamic groups), Muslim tribes in Syria are also being decimated by the ISIS onslaught.

ISISAcross the border in Syria, Islamic State fighters bragged of executing hundreds of members of the Shueitat tribe this year after it had tried to fight them.

And Human Rights Watch said in a report Thursday that the Islamic State had systematically executed about 600 captives after taking over a prison near Mosul in June.

The jihadists divided the prisoners by sect and gunned down the mostly Shiite prisoners as they knelt alongside a ravine, the New York-based organization said in the report, which was based on survivor testimonies.

Also in June, the Islamic State carried out a similar mass killing of captured soldiers at a palace complex in Tikrit where Saddam Hussein once lived.

We’ve grown used to the deafening silence from the Muslim community when it comes to the genocide of Christians in the Islamic world… but how can they still remain silent when their own people are being slaughtered by these ISIS zealots?

The twisted logic they develop to defend their inaction is almost maddening.

Just to reinforce the horror of ISIS – Universal Free Press got their hands on some recent photos from the Syrian city of Raqqa.

Notice the crowds of observers for the beheading…





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