Muslim Terrorists have No Shame – Attack a Hospital Murdering at Least 5 and Injuring 10

The late Pope John Paul II once paraphrased the great Indian leader Mohandas Gandhi when he said, “A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members.” If this is true, and many thinkers over the years have parroted this sentiment, than the modern Islamic culture should be weighed and found extremely wanting. All over the Muslim world the weakest and most vulnerable in society are deplorably treated and living in horrendous and often dangerous circumstances. From Christians and other ethnic minorities in Iraq and Syria, to Indian workers in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, women and children in almost every Muslim nation, and on and on. In almost every Muslim nation in the world the most vulnerable are subject to the worst that life can offer…

On Saturday evening this imbalance reared its ugly head once again.

In Kano, Nigeria a Muslim suicide bomber sauntered up to a Hospital for the leprous and blew himself up just outside the front doors. Fortunately, the bomber was not able to get into the building, the security at the entrance kept him from entering, which likely saved many lives. Sadly though, the explosion still killed at least 5 people and wounded at least 10 others.

islam2worldLocal resident Ibrahim Bulama said the bomber was one of three men who were dropped off near the hospital by a SUV vehicle.

“They looked around for a while, obviously trying to sneak into the hospital,” Bulama said, adding that the facility was being guarded by civilian vigilantes who are assisting the military in the fight against Boko Haram Islamist insurgents.

“Suddenly, the explosives on one of them went off. The other two fled in the confusion. Five people were killed and 10 others injured.”

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bombing, but Nigeria’s Borno state, where the attack took place, has been the hardest hit by the Boko Haram insurgency which has left at least 15,000 people dead.



This attack comes on the heels of a failed bombing attempt some 25 miles away in the Nigerian village of Jakarna.

A civilian by the name of Danlami Ajaokuta confirmed the bombing and informed Yahoo! News about the other attack in Jakarna.


“Two female suicide bombers died when the explosives on one of them went off prematurely while they were waiting for a bus along the highway in Jakarna. Residents from the village heard a huge explosion and when they arrived at the scene they found one of the bombers in parts while the other lay dead face down.

Her explosives were still intact.”


Less than a week ago a child suicide bomber killed 10 people when she carried her bomb into a crowded market before setting the device off and killing 10 people while injuring 30 more. A day before that attack, a 17-year old girl killed 20 people and injured 50 more when she set off a bomb she was carrying on a crowded bus. It has been a horribly violent an deadly week in Nigeria and radical Muslim extremism is to blame. Four different suicide attacks, all on innocent civilians in the last week, and yet some still claim the innocence of Islam.

Nigeria is a nation that is actually home to more Christians than Muslims, but still the Muslim extremists wreak havoc upon the people there. The pain Islam is causing our world today is palpable, and the violence continues to spread as Islam continues to metastasize.

If history judges modern Islamic society by the way they treat the most vulnerable among us, then history will surely condemn them for their evil acts.

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