Muslim Terrorists Happily Hurt their Own to Kill the Rest of Us


HELP WANTED – Istanbul Department of Tourism. Call TODAY

There are many millions of Americans who have outright decided to leave the workforce over the past several years. The actual number is around 10-11 million; able-bodied persons under typical retirement age, who, for whatever reason are not seeking any employment. For our economy to thrive, many of these folks need to get back to some semblance of productive work. But where and how?

How about going to work for the tourism department in Istanbul, Turkey? I hear they are struggling and could use some new ideas and creative ways to lure Americans and other westerners to visit a country that has succumbed to FOUR terrorist attacks over this past year.

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If not Turkey, how about the tourism or hotel industries in Jakarta, Indonesia? Or perhaps the landlocked African country of Burkina Faso- which just had its own recent terrorist tragedy?

Nations like Burkina Faso do not get a lot of American travelers, but cities like Jakarta and (especially) Istanbul do- and it is a key part of their local economies. Tourism in Turkey brings in $34 billion per year, with many of those visitors from Germany. Recent reporting shows numerous last-minute cancellations coming from Germany.

In Jakarta, tourism in that city alone brings in $268 million annually.

If you had a business or pleasure trip planned to either place in February, would you still go?

This concern and hesitation, which can lead to cancellations, is exactly what the various Islamic terror groups want to achieve. And many Americans could be cancelling or postponing their current travel arrangements- regardless of public advice or recommendations from the U.S. State Department.

The truth is that these deranged and/or evil Islamic murderers are hurting their own “normal” and moderate family and friends. By their actions, they are directly impeding their own local economy. Less westerners bustling around means less currency flowing through local businesses, including: transportation, hotels, restaurants/ bars, markets, tour guide outfits, etc.

That means that THEIR fathers or brothers or wives or sisters will have less opportunity and less income and means of existence. Clearly this is very short-sighted, but many members or supporters of ISIS or Al-Qaeda are not concerned with their 401k plan.

As Americans, we typically have the largest target on our backs (figuratively and literally) when we travel abroad. We have to be very alert, as these extremists in Muslim nations look at us as “the Great Satan”. For natives, American travelers are normally easy to spot. If we are traveling, we need to try to change that and possibly blend in with the locals a little better.

And for anyone interested, I hear the Assistant Director of the Istanbul Department of Tourism allows 4 weeks of paid vacation!

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