Muslim Terrorists Destroy Church Dedicated to Victims of Genocide

The Armenian Christian church in Deir el-Zour was built in dedication to the one and a half MILLION Armenians who were massacred by Turkish Muslims during the 1915 genocide. The church had become the premier symbol of Armenian remembrance of the horrible genocide, as well as having become a museum housing some of the regions most important history. The church archives dated back to 1841 and contained thousands of documents on the Armenian holocaust – it was one of the deepest and most comprehensive collections of memories relating to that brutal time.

I say was, because Muslim terrorists in Syria have destroyed the once great Christian Church.

The city of Deir el-Zour had been the epicenter of the Armenian holocaust; hundreds of thousands of Armenians died in death camps in and around the city. In fact, the bones of many of the dead can still be found scattered throughout the local countryside. Armenian Christian ChurchNow, the most important reminder of the atrocities that took place in the region 100 years ago may be gone forever.

“During the Armenian genocide, the Turks entered the church and killed its priest, Father Petrus Terzibashian, in front of the congregation,” Msr Ayvazian said. “Then they threw his body into the Euphrates. This time when the Islamists came, our priest there fled for his life.” 

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100 years later and the story is just the same. Muslim killers marching through the countryside killing anyone who is not just like them. It seems that the “religion of peace” has a very long history of not being so peaceful.

Turkey, claims that no genocide took place almost 100 years ago, even though modern historians have proved without a doubt that the Armenian genocide did take place and that one and a half million Armenian Christians were slaughtered by Turkish fighters. It seems that the Jewish Holocaust of WWII is not the only holocaust that Muslims like to pretend never happened.

Al Nusrah Muslim TerroristsAl Nusrah Front, Syria’s arm of Al Qaeda, seems to be the group responsible for this horrible crime, but many in Syria believe that Turkey (our ally in the war on Terror) has actually been arming these terrorists. This wrinkle in the story should be a huge red flag to every American. Our closest allies also happen to birth our most virulent enemies. Remember the majority of terrorists on 9-11-2001 were from the nation of Saudi Arabia, our closest ally in the Middle East (after Israel). If the Syrian Christians are right and Turkey has been arming and helping to fun Al Nusrah, that would mean that the “most western” Islamic nation in the world has been supporting Al Qaeda!

How can we trust anyone not named Israel when it comes to the conflict in the Middle East?

The terrible events taking place in Syria and Iraq are not out of the ordinary, just in case you’ve been listening to the American media on this. Islamic history is littered with violence just like this all along the way. From its inception, Islam has spread mainly by the sword – first throughout the Arabian Peninsula, then North Africa and central Asia, into Europe through the Iberian Peninsula and Greece. In fact, a search for a time in history where Islam spread without first (or also) bringing violence will not uncover very many examples.

It seems that with history and with Islam, everything old is new again.

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