Muslim Terrorists Attack Canada… AGAIN.

It has been a difficult week for our friends to the north, and it’s only Thursday.

On Tuesday just outside of Montreal, a Muslim Terrorist murdered one soldier and sent another to the hospital after he ran them both over with his car.

Then on Wednesday another Muslim man went to the National War Memorial and murdered the honor guard who stood watch over the Memorial.

The shooter’s name was Michael Abdul Zehaf-Bibeau; he was born in Canada and became radicalized at some point in recent years. Just like the terrorist from Tuesday, the government was apparently keeping tabs on Zehaf-Bibeau because they suspected he had become radicalized.

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In two days two different Canadian men, Martin Couture-Rouleau and Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, commit terrible atrocities in the name of Islam. One man commits murder near Montreal, and the other in Ottawa. Both men were Canadian citizens who had converted to Islam and both men had become radicalized in Canada. In fact, both men were also from the province of Quebec… could they have become radicalized at the same mosque?

(I don’t know which would be scarier – that they had become radicalized at the same mosque and the government still hasn’t shut them down… or that they became radicalized at two different mosques in Quebec.)

cpl. nathan cirilloThe soldier killed standing guard at the National War Memorial was Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, he was 24 years old and leaves behind a young son. His loss is a heartbreaking tragedy for his nation, his family and his friends…

Cirillo’s friend Marie Michele has been trying to make sense of the news all day. She first realized Cirillo had been shot when footage of paramedics trying to save his life was shown on television Wednesday morning.

“I saw his face and it was him,” Michele said. “That’s how I found out it was Nathan.” Michele said he was the father of a young son.

“Nathan was a good man. He would give anything to anyone,” she said. “He was there for everyone.”

After Zehaf-Bibeau killed Cpl. Cirillo, he jumped in a car and drove to the Parliament building, Canada’s most important legislative building.

There he began firing on the building (and in the building), forcing the Members of Parliament (MP’s) who were gathered there to take cover. Reports indicate that the shooter got off 30 – 50 shots in the Parliament building before being shot himself by the House of Commons sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers.


When it comes to the War on Terror, these horrible events are our greatest fears being played out in Canada over the last two days.

These Islamic zealots are hiding in plain sight.

All they have to do to wreak pain and havoc upon us is to get in their cars and drive to the nearest playground, school, mall, Starbucks, etc. This is the insidious pervasiveness of what we deal with – the disease that is militant Islam must be cut out root and branch. We mourn with our Canadian friends and pray for comfort, resilience and justice.

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