Muslim Student Attacked – Liberals Silent – Because He’s Conservative

This is another one of those stories that just lends itself to asking… “what if a conservative/Republican had done this?” Imagine if a Muslim student had been persecuted by conservatives on a college campus – the story would soon find itself plastered all over the internet and other media.

BUT – when a Muslim is attacked by liberals, the silence is DEAFENING.

University of Michigan Junior, Omar Mahmood, is a talented writer who (until recently) worked for the mainstream school paper Michigan Daily and for the more conservative Michigan Review. Mahmood recently lost his job with the Daily because of a conservative piece he had written for the Review that has caused some uproar on Michigan’s campus. Sadly for Mahmood, there were also some other negative repercussions from his article… like personal attacks from fellow students.

His roommates recently returned home to find their apartment vandalized, having had eggs and hotdogs thrown at their door and nasty messages left taped to it as well. The vandals had left messages saying “you scum embarrass us,” “you have no soul,” “you self-righteous dick,” “everyone hates you, you violent prick,” among others calling him a “d***head” and saying “you ain’t sh**.”

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Omar Mahmood Door1

Omar Mahmood2


In an interview with the College Fix Mahmood said that he was “taken aback” and that he “felt targeted.”

“There was a cracked egg thrown at the door, hot dogs thrown at the door. The messages were clearly threatening. These people don’t know me personally, so I don’t know why they would do this with such vengeance. This seems like a very personal attack. I think most Muslims have a lot in common with the principles of American conservatism. I have libertarian and traditionalist views, and I think those are very compatible with Islam. Muslims should be in line with them. I don’t know why we have to side with the more angry activists who are morally depraved.”

I wonder why liberals have decided that Mahmood isn’t worth defending… could it be because he’s a conservative? Honestly, that’s the only reason that makes any sense. The truth is just that liberals believe it’s perfectly appropriate to attack, belittle and persecute conservatives wherever we might be found.

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