Muslim Religious Leader says Paris Attack is France’s Fault for Letting Charlie Hebdo Mock Islam

The day after the Islamic terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, USA Today allowed radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary to pen an op-ed which criticized France for allowing the prophet Muhammad to be insulted. In his piece he argues that this is the type of reaction governments should expect when insulting Islam. He also argues that it is a crime for governments to not bend to Sharia law and continue allowing people to insult Islam. Critics are angry with USA Today for giving Choudary a place to vomit his radical Islamic ideas… but I actually think it may have been a good thing.

See, we need Americans to hear and understand the truth about Islam. Too many Americans buy the load of bull that Islam is a religion of “peace.” It is not. Americans need to hear the truth of Islam from the mouths of Muslims… and that is exactly what Choudary delivered. He told the world (in different terms) – “Islam says… if you don’t sit down, shut up and do what Islam tells you to do… then we are going to freaking kill you.”

Americans need to hear that. They need to understand the reality of what we are up against.

Sean Hannity kind of agrees with me, and for that reason alone, he had Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary on last night. Boy, were there fireworks. Hannity even admits at one point that he is seething with anger, but he wants to let Choudary speak so that ALL of America will hear him clearly. Hannity also drops this little gem…

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“I still think you’re an evil SOB.  But I really wanted to– I really want people to hear you…”

Watch the whole thing here…



Full transcript at Fox News


SEAN HANNITY, HOST: At least 12 people are dead following a horrific terror attack against a satirical newspaper in Paris, France.  Now, the attack, carried out by heavily armed hooded gunmen, appears to have been in reaction to that paper’s depiction of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed. And radical London imam, a guy by the name of Imam Choudary, Anjem Choudary, took to Twitter after the slaughter, tweeting, quote, “Freedom of expression does not extend to insulting the prophets of Allah, whatever your views on the events in Paris today are. #Parisshooting.” He also tweeted, ”Muslims love the messenger Mohammed more than their parents, children, even themselves. Why don’t people understand?”

Here now to explain his comments is– London imam Anjem Choudary is with us. You sound like you basically support what happened today.

ANJEM CHOUDARY, LONDON IMAM: No, what I’m saying is that these things need to be put into context. We’re talking about a French government who have banned the (INAUDIBLE) they refuse Muslims to build mosques now in Paris.  They are engaged in an occupation of Muslim land and even killing Muslims now in Syria and Iraq. And on top of that– they insult the profit

HANNITY: You’re making– you’re justifying this. They went in and slaughtered a newspaper, a satirical newspaper that makes fun of the pope and makes fun of Catholics and all religions and politicians and everybody.  But you do have in France many no-go zones, where non-Muslims are not allowed to go, and police and fire departments are not allowed to go. And you do have sharia courts in those areas. So your characterization is not exactly accurate about the treatment of Muslims in France.

Anjem Choudary 2CHOUDARY: Well, I think that the political landscape in Europe has, in fact, shifted. As you know, many right-wing organizations are now to– are now allowed to espouse their own anti-Islamic, you know, ideas very openly.  And in fact, we could have a government in places like France which are very anti-Islam and anti-Muslims.

HANNITY: So what you’re basically saying is freedom of expression does not extend to insulting the prophets of Allah, whatever your views on what happened in Paris. So you’re saying you do not believe in freedom of speech. You don’t believe in freedom of religion. You don’t believe in freedom of expression. You believe in Islamic fascism, that people must abide by your laws!

CHOUDARY: Actually, as a Muslim, we believe sovereignty and supremacy belongs to God. And therefore, we believe in submitting to the commands of God–

CHOUDARY: Well, what we say is that freedom of expression has a responsibility by those people who espouse it in the West, in particular non-Muslims. But as you know, it is, you know, changed. It is curtailed for things like incitement of hatred. And as you know, you have laws which allow, you know, the curtailment of freedom of expression for your own national security.

HANNITY: I get what you’re saying. You’re saying anything offensive about the Prophet Mohammed should be illegal, and you believe that should be worldwide. Every country should adopt that law.

CHOUDARY: Well, you know, you need to understand that in Islam, this carries capital punishment. We saw before with Theo Van Gogh– 


CHOUDARY: –and Salman Rushdie– 

HANNITY: But you’re not answering. You’re saying that every country– 

CHOUDARY: –people should be aware about this already. 

HANNITY: But every country should adopt that, and it’s convert or die.  It’s either you agree with us or we will go into your newspaper– 

HANNITY: –and we will slaughter you. We will put a fatwa out on you.

CHOUDARY: No. What we’re saying– what we’re saying is that, you know, a quarter of the world’s population revere the messenger Mohammed (INAUDIBLE) and you know, for them, they’ll prefer to die themselves than to allow anyone to insult the prophet.

Now, people in the West should understand that. We live in a very unstable and insecure world today, which you can see very well now in Paris–

CHOUDARY: And all we’re saying is that the sensibilities and the emotions of Muslims must be taken into consideration in the context in which we live today.

HANNITY: Let me– let me ask you quick questions and get answers. And I’m really holding my temper down because you really anger me and I know you anger a lot of our audience. But I think this is important. You want worldwide a law to be in every country that you cannot criticize the prophet. Is that accurate?

Anjem ChoudaryCHOUDARY: Well, we want the sharia, and the sharia says that– 

HANNITY: In every country.

CHOUDARY: –this is completely prohibited.

HANNITY: OK. And to you– 

HANNITY: And to you, this– I want short answers. To you, this is the true Islam. This is– this is Islam.

CHOUDARY: Well, of course.

HANNITY: No criticizing the prophet.

CHOUDARY: Of course.

HANNITY: OK. And those that are apostates that once were Muslim but convert to, say, Christianity, you believe that those people should die, right?

HANNITY: The penalty for apostacism is death, in your view. You’re agreeing.

CHOUDARY: This is correct, yes.

HANNITY: And infidels, non-Muslims, they should die, as well, right?  They– they must abide– 

CHOUDARY: No, nobody said that. Nobody said that.

CHOUDARY: The Christians and Jews can live side by side with the Muslims, as they did in the heart of Europe for over 800 years in Andalusia.

HANNITY: What about jihad against infidels? And holy war?

CHOUDARY: Well, jihad is either to defend the life and property of Muslims, which is called jihad (INAUDIBLE) defensive jihad, or it is to remove the obstacles in the way– 

HANNITY: Next question– 

CHOUDARY: –of (INAUDIBLE) the sharia, outside of the frontiers of the Islamic state.

HANNITY: Let’s talk about rights of women under sharia, which you said you want worldwide. Should every woman– should they be mandated worldwide that they must cover themselves?

CHOUDARY: Well, we believe that either you abide by the criteria which is set out by God– 

HANNITY: So the answer is yes.

CHOUDARY: –of how much you should cover your own body, or you know, that people will decide for themselves– 

HANNITY: I want people to know what you think true Islam is.

HANNITY: These are yes or no questions. So women should cover, yes, right?

CHOUDARY: Of course.

CHOUDARY: Men and women should cover.

HANNITY: All right, no bikinis for anybody. No bikinis for anybody–

CHOUDARY: This is what we believe.

HANNITY: OK, I got it. All right. Adultery– 

CHOUDARY: You know, what they do in their home is one thing, but not in the public arena.

HANNITY: Not in the public. Got it. Adulterers, women that commit adultery, you’re OK with them being stoned to death?

CHOUDARY: Men and women who commit adultery for which there is sufficient evidence– for example, four eyewitnesses who saw the actual– 

HANNITY: That’s only for men. That’s only for women.

CHOUDARY: –be tried in a court– no, it’s for both men and women.

HANNITY: The penalty for adultery should be death.

CHOUDARY: For both men and the women who– 

HANNITY: And what about gays and lesbians? Should they be killed, as well?

CHOUDARY: Well, if someone likes someone of the same gender, it’s one thing. But if they are committing the– you know, the– the act of sodomy- –

HANNITY: If they’re having sex.

CHOUDARY: –and are witnesses– 

HANNITY: They should die. OK– 

HANNITY: And you’re OK with comics and satirists and critics of Islam– for example, if somebody questions the age of Mohammed’s wife, that they should be, what– the penalty for them should be death, as well?

CHOUDARY: No, I mean, you can ask about the age of the wives of the prophet. You can criticize Islam in that you can have a debate and discussion. But there’s a difference between insulting the honor of the messenger Mohammed– 

CHOUDARY: For example what this particular magazine did was portray him naked.

HANNITY: And that’s too bad. And you know what? You’re going to have to get over it. There was a– I’m a Catholic, and there was a picture– an artist in the Brooklyn museum, elephant dung on the Virgin Mary. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t go in and shoot the people in the museum.

CHOUDARY: Yes, but that’s your way of life, so– 

HANNITY: I’m running out of time. You’re saying this is true Islam, and you’re also– on the other hand, you say this is a peaceful religion. How is it peaceful if you believe–  –all these people that you disagree with?

CHOUDARY: No, Islam does not mean peace, Sean, it means submission, submission to the commands of God.

CHOUDARY: –peacefully with me, then we can live peacefully together. We can live peacefully together, but– 

HANNITY: If we submit to your will and we’re your slave, then yeah– 

HANNITY: Yeah, so you basically want Islamofascism. You want to control everybody. Everybody– 

CHOUDARY: No, we want sharia.

HANNITY: I’m not disagreeing with you. I just want to make sure. You don’t call it that, but ostensibly, when you take away everybody’s freedom of choice and demand that they think like you do and practice the way you do, you have taken away all freedom of thought. All right, last question–

CHOUDARY: But we’re not calling for that, though, are we, Sean. I mean, you can become, you know, a Muslim if you wish. You can remain a Christian or a Jew. You can live under the sharia. This is what we’re saying.  We’re talking about– 

HANNITY: –convert of die.

CHOUDARY: –the occupation of Muslim land.

HANNITY: Convert or die, basically.


HANNITY: Convert or–

CHOUDARY: No. No. They can convert to Islam or they can live (INAUDIBLE) which is the non-Muslim living under the sharia, and– 

HANNITY: –under sharia, if you have to follow your laws or die.

HANNITY: The law of the land in America–

HANNITY: Listen– 

CHOUDARY: You want people to abide by the law in America. So under the sharia, you will abide by sharia law.

HANNITY: All right. Anjem Choudary, I still think you’re an evil SOB.  But I really wanted to– I really want people to hear you because I don’t think– 

CHOUDARY: I think you should look in the mirror, Sean.

HANNITY: I don’t– I don’t– I don’t think– you think I’m evil, I think you’re evil. I don’t want to impose my will and my values, and I don’t want to kill people that I disagree with– 

CHOUDARY: Well, you have already. You’re– 

HANNITY: No, I haven’t killed anybody.

CHOUDARY: You don’t want to listen. You don’t want to listen to–

HANNITY: No, I’m not going to listen to you! I’m not going to practice your religion. And I don’t agree with your views on religion. And I will practice my faith in my free way. And I’ll also be free to criticize you, even though you don’t like it.

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