Muslim Monsters Behead American Aid Worker

The government is now confirming that the Muslim monsters of ISIS have indeed murdered another American aid worker.

Peter Kassig was a former Army Ranger who had had gone to the Middle East as an aid worker, delivering medical supplies to needy people in Syria. He disappeared over a year ago on such a trip, and was known to be a captive of Islamic militants. American intelligence agencies had begun to suspect that he had been killed, and the video released by ISIS this past weekend was indeed confirmation of that belief.

Peter Kassig had converted to Islam and had begun going by his Muslim name Abdul-Rahman Kassig, which the President pointed out when offering condolences to his family. Proving once again that for ISIS death and mayhem know no religion – they are as quick to murder Muslims as they are to murder Christians and others. For ISIS, it’s all about death.


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Muslim friends of Kassig’s had been calling for his release, particularly because he was also a Muslim.

One of the friends, Amjad al-Moghrabi, told reporters in the northern Lebanon city of Tripoli: “We are demanding the Islamic State to release him, if they know Islam. He is a Muslim and has not participated in what his country is doing,” a reference to the airstrikes.

Dr. Ahmad Obeid, a friend of Kassig, said, “our demand is to release him and to return to his family because as a person he helped us and we should ask for mercy for him.”

“He is, unfortunately, detained so we are calling for his freedom because he supported our cause and we cannot leave him and let them hurt him,” Obeid said.

Peter KassigOnce again, ISIS released a video to showcase the death of a westerner; however, this time there was no “pageantry” to the event. The killer is simply shown with the mutilated corpse of Peter Kassig instead of showing the actual killing. Also, Mr. Kassig is not recorded speaking out against America and her allies.

Terrorism expert, Jean-Charles Brisard explains why this difference may be important.

“This is why I am pretty sure that the real focus is not on Peter Kassig,” Mr. Brisard said, but on the mass killing of Syrian soldiers and the statements on the genesis of the group.

“Obviously there was something that happened during the filming” of the Kassig execution, Mr. Brisard said, adding, “We know that the past executions were filmed from multiple perspectives, so perhaps something happened here that prevented them from doing so.”

Mr. Brisard said that it is possible that Mr. Kassig resisted, and tried to oppose his executioner, which would have made the filming impossible. It could also suggest that the group is on the move and unable to carry out the same open-air scenario as it did in Raqqa.

I personally like the idea that this Army Ranger resisted. I bet that he refused to spout off the lies that his ISIS tormenters wanted him to repeat for the camera. I bet he chose to live his last moments as an American, defying the terrorist monsters who have brought so much pain to the world. I bet his defiance startled and angered them… and that is why his death wasn’t recorded in the same way the others were.

As long as ISIS survives, these types of things will keep on happening. Kassig wasn’t the only death in the video released over the weekend. It also showed the slaughter of multiple Syrian hostages and the joy that the deaths appeared to bring their Muslim killers. ISIS is a cancer, and as long as it lives it will do what it was bred to do – kill.

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