Muslim Mob Violence Runs Rampant – Christians Raped and Murdered with Regularity

Uganda is a nation that is predominantly Christian, with the Muslim population only making up about 11%. However, certain sections of Uganda Muslim communities have become very aggressive, forcing their Christian neighbors to either contort themselves to fit the Islamic culture or prepare to face violent reprisals.

A few months ago the daughter of a pastor in the village of Kiryolo was attacked, beaten and raped by a gang of Muslim men. Why? Because her pastor father had not obeyed their demands to cease his church’s activities!

“The five Muslims took hold of me, and they raped me there,” she told the Morning Star News source. “I tried to scream, but they threatened to kill me. One of them said, ‘Your father should stop this prayer meeting of trying to change Muslims to become Christians and close the church building – we have warned him several times.’”

Her father continues to receive threats from the Muslims in his community and there is every reason for him to expect more violence against him and his church.

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The pastor said he also had received several threatening text messages from Muslims. “One of the read, ‘Be you informed that we do not want your church in this area. If you continue worship here, then you will live to regret it,’” he said.

Then last month a Christian pastor was found murdered after he engaged in a debate with Muslims in late September. Pastor Samson Nfunyeku had been engaging Muslims in debates around the region, and was apparently having success, because local Muslim leaders told him that he needed to stop holding the debates. On September 22nd he held one such debate at the Tirinyi Trading Center. On September 23rd he was found dead with multiple head injuries and signs of strangulation.

Just last week another Christian faced the brutal justice of a Muslim mob when she was dragged from her home, beaten and murdered by a violent crowd of neighbors. Her name was Mamwikomba Mwanika, and she was a mother to eight children and an innocent woman whose only “crime” was her faith in Jesus. One morning Mamwikomba opened her front door to face an angry crowd of Muslims who were looking for her husband. When she informed them that he wasn’t home, they dragged her from the house and beat her until she died.

The man the crowd had been searching for was George Mwanika, the brother of Pastor Nfunyeku, and a fellow Christian. “I know that the attackers are looking for me. We are seeking God’s protection and His peace. May God give me the courage to continue sharing the love of Christ to those who are lost, as Jesus said we should love our enemies,” the grieving husband and brother said.

Uganda is a majority Christian nation where upwards of 85% of the population identifies as Christian, and even there they suffer at the hands of their Muslim oppressors. We must pay attention folks. All over the world Islam serves as a tool for violence and destruction. In Muslim majority nations, minority groups are utterly destroyed, and in Muslim minority nations the majority non-Muslim groups are forced to suffer under the depravity of their Muslim neighbors. Islam is destroying our planet, one life at a time.

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