More Muslim Mayhem – One Man Killed another Beaten for “Insulting Islam”

At some point aren’t we all going to have to start questioning this idea that Islam is “a religion of peace”? I mean, it seems that each new day brings us more Muslim violence somewhere in the world. On Wednesday it was Paris… today, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

In Pakistan a mentally unstable man was viciously murdered because he said that he was the prophet of Islam.

Abid Mahmood was a 52-year old mentally imbalanced man who was arrested back in 2011 for the crime of claiming to be the prophet of Islam (yes, that is a crime in Pakistan). He was held for a couple of years before the authorities decided that he was not bashing Islam but was simply mentally unstable. Instead of sending Mr. Mahmood to get professional help, they released him onto the streets… where he was murdered within a few days.

So fanatical is Islamic “justice” that even a man with diminished faculties who obviously has little control over the things he says/believes is at risk. The police say that Mr. Mahmood’s “bullet ridden” body was found on Wednesday and the current working theory is that he was murdered for his blasphemy.

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This is Islamic justice, folks. A mentally handicapped man gets arrested for saying something stupid, then when the police let him go (3 – 4 years later) he is murdered for the “crime” that he has already been imprisoned for!

raif badawiIn Saudi Arabia, another picture of Islamic justice played out as the world learned that Saudi blogger Raif Baddawi had been sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of $266K! Oh, he’ll also be publicly flogged. Baddawi will receive 50 lashes a week for the next 20 weeks as part of his punishment for insulting Islam.

Here’s the hiccup. He never actually insulted Islam. He set up an online forum for liberal Saudi political activists — and the government is not happy about it. So they said he insulted Islam … and he has been found guilty! Islamic justice on display. See, anything can actually be called “insulting Islam;” you just have to come up with the right angle.

The thing is, I don’t think most Americans realize just how crazy Islamic justice is. Using Sharia law, Islamists would blot out every word of dissent. You couldn’t speak out against the government, against your leaders, against your bosses. Under Sharia law people get falsely accused (and suffer horrible punishment for no reason) all the time.

Of course, it can be even worse than the two stories I recounted. God help you if you’re a woman in the Islamic world. If a woman is raped, she will often face civil punishment along with her rapist! Don’t believe me? Here are two recent cases of a woman facing harsh criminal penalty for getting raped – in the Maldives and in Indonesia. Folks, this not uncommon!

60 Million Child Brides 5k honor deathsAlso, if the criminal courts don’t punish these poor abused women… their families will. Thousands of women in the Islamic world have been killed in horrible acts of violence that Muslims call “Honor Killings.”

“Many fathers will kill their own daughters if they find out they have been raped.”

“It is killing done with love. They believe they are saving the girl.”


Here’s another example from Afghanistan:


A 10-year-old Afghan girl raped by a 45-year-old mullah could become the victim of an honor killing if her family were to cave under pressure by village elders.

The girl’s father reportedly is under pressure from villagers to kill her because “she had brought shame to them,” said Nederah Geyah, the former head of the women’s-affairs office in Kunduz. Geyah was forced to resign and move to another part of Afghanistan because she fought to protect the girl.

Honor killings are still common in many parts of the world. Last month, Pakistani newlyweds were decapitated because they were married without the permission of the bride’s family. CNN reported the bride’s family lured the couple to Satrah in Punjab province where they were bound and killed.


We won’t stop the madness until we understand and accept the truth… this isn’t just about terrorists. This fight we have is about the very root and core of Islamic teaching.

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