Muslim Man Murders His 10-Year Old Daughter for Adultery – After Torturing Her to Confess

In the Gulf nation of Yemen a horrifying (yet completely normal for Islam) story is being played out in Middle Eastern media.

Over the weekend some shepherds in a rugged and mountainous area of Yemen found the battered body of a little girl who had been murdered and left by an obviously monstrous killer. Her photo began circulating on social media and it wasn’t long before police were involved in the search for the girl’s killer.

They found him quickly.

The girl’s father admitted to torturing the little girl before ultimately murdering her.

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The lead investigator on the case said that during the investigation the man admitted to torturing his daughter until she confessed having sex with another man. He used various methods of torture including beating her, throwing her off of a cliff and pressing a hot iron to her skin.

“We found a video clip in his mobile phone asking his daughter to confess to her mistake. The girl was bleeding and crying.”

(Below is the picture shepherds took after finding the young girls dead body in the mountains – it’s not suitable for everyone…)


little girl

Mad World News also recounts an important part of the story that Middle Eastern outlets have overlooked… the fact that the father was questioning this little girl’s purity at all.

The Yemini father never rationally looked at his daughter as a 10-year-old little girl as we would, but saw her as a woman ready for marriage. Yemen has one of the highest number of child marriages of any country, seeing over half of girls married before the age of 18. There is no minimum age for marriage, but the child is legally ready for consummation of marriage by puberty, which in many cases is under 10.

With Sharia law on its side and Muhammad as its exemplar, Islam continues its war on women and children, as it has for over 1400 years.

Islam’s War on Women (and Children) is real and it is violent.

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