Muslim Man in Boston Tries and Fails to BEHEAD Free Speech Activist and Police!

On Tuesday, a man authorities suspect of planning a series of beheading attacks was killed as police attempted to question him about his plans. Days later, we now know that his primary intended target was conservative, free speech activist Pamela Geller.

Geller recently spearheaded a “Draw Mohammed Contest” in Garland, Texas in an effort to highlight the danger that Islamic law poses to our Freedom of Speech.

Two Muslim men were killed in an attempt to attack the contest, even as it took place. Now, just a few weeks later, another has died in an effort to kill woman who planned that event.

In the course of a couple of months, three Muslim men in the USA have tried to murder a woman (and others) for a black and white pencil drawing of Mohammed that contained no offensive content – other than a depiction of the man himself.

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This isn’t in Iran or Pakistan or Saudi Arabia… this is in the United States of America.

On Thursday, Geller spoke to CNN about the botched attack in Boston and explained why it was of the utmost importance that she continue fighting for free speech.


 Usaamah Rahim and Pamela Geller“Well, what happened to the ‘give me liberty or give me death’ America?

You know, the Founding Fathers were, you know, pursuing this very dream, and through blood and toil and intellectual wrestling and a revolution, we’ve got to this. This enlightenment, this period of enlightenment, the first government in human history based on individual rights. Really the first moral government based on individual rights.

And millions of Americans will not — refuse to throw it away with both hands, by saying, we cannot draw a cartoon or allow jihadists to dictate what the parameters of our speech is, is surrender is submission.


You may not like Pamela Geller, and you may not like the way she delivers her message — but she’s not wrong. Islam is a danger to free speech, and the two recent attempts on her life by American Muslim terrorists is proof positive of that fact. If we stop drawing cartoons of Mohammed because we fear the repercussions… then we have no free speech.


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