Muslim Madmen Burn Four Prisoners Alive

The murderous Muslim villains of ISIS have done it again. They’ve somehow found a new and terrible way to prove once again the depths of their depravity.

Earlier this week the Islamic terrorists who control large swaths of Iraq and Syria released a video showing the torturous deaths of four men who had been accused of spying for Shi’a resistance groups.


The four men are led into the desert where ISIS had erected a support to hold them chained into place. The men were then bound hand and foot and dangled over the ground. The ISIS monsters then ran a trail of fuel from several yards away which pooled just below where the men were hanging. The ISIS monsters then lit the fuel, forcing the four men to watch in horror as the fire crept slowly closer and eventually consumed them.

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The video shows slow motion footage as the fire made its way toward the terrified prisoners, the final moments of the video are horrific, as the men writhe in pain and anguish – even breaking away from their metal chains in an effort to flee the fire.

While I won’t share the video that ISIS released here, you can go see the barbarity at Apartheid Sharia. I warn you the video is horribly graphic and you may never be able to shake the images you see there from your mind.


It is everything that ISIS intends it to be. Terrifying, heart-wrenching, disgusting… but it tells us more about ISIS then they’d care to admit. This video also describes to us what Islam is like to millions of people. ISIS and groups like theirs (Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, Al Nusra, Boko Haram, etc.) all subscribe to a similar vein of Islam that teaches violence as a necessary part of Islamic faith and practice. No, not all Muslims buy into this – but a large enough number of Islam’s followers do. “Extremism” can no longer be called “extremism.”

People, please understand this. Enough followers of Islam are fine with some aspects of Islamic terrorism that Islamic “extremism” could (and should) really be better understood as a “mainstream” position. That is reality.

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