Muslim Leader Teaches that “Jews” Create and Spread Diseases!

“Jews paid doctors to “create and spread diseases” because “95% of the pharmaceutical industry is owned by the Children of Israel.”

It sounds like something out of Nazi-era Germany… but it’s not. This is something that was said recently in one of the world’s most important mosques by one of Islam’s most famous preachers.

Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi teaches at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and enjoys the wonderful freedom to say whatever he wants, thanks to the government of Israel. You see in Israel, unlike the Muslim nations of the Middle East, people enjoy the freedom to speak, to assemble, to protest and to worship freely. These are freedoms that Sheikh Khaled and his followers hate but make full use of to spew their racist, anti-Semitic vitriol.

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“According to what is told about the Rothschild family, they own more than half of the world’s wealth… There are approximately 950,000 billion dollars in the world. Out of this amount, 500,000 billion dollars belong to the Rothschild family. The Rothschild family owns the World Bank, which gives loans to countries, not to private individuals or to organizations, it gives [loans] to countries. For instance, if Egypt wants a loan, it will take it from the World Bank. The World Bank is owned by the Rothschild family. The Rothschild family are Freemasons. At the End of Days they will fight God alongside the Antichrist…

They own about 95% of the world’s pharmaceutical industry. Why do I mention the pharmaceutical industry? Many diseases were created in labs – viruses created by doctors who were bought, trained and taught by the Rothschild family, the Freemasons, the Zionists, or the Jews to create and spread disease so they will be able to sell medicine for it. More than 95% of the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmaceutical trade is owned by the Children of Israel.”

He might hate the pharmaceutical industry, but I bet you Al-Mughrabi got his polio vaccine and I would be willing to bet that when he gets sick he runs to the pharmacy too.

This is Islam, folks. This is Islam in Jerusalem, in Tehran, in Baghdad, in Istanbul, in Cairo, in Lahore, in Kabul and throughout the world.


H/T Pamela Geller

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