Muslim Leader Says There is no Such Thing as Moderate Islam

Muslim advocate and leader from IslamNet, Fahad Ullah Qureshi, speaks truth to the lie that the main stream media and liberals like Ben Affleck are trying to propagate. Namely, that there is no such thing as “moderate” Islam.

A roundtable hosted by IslamNet during the Peace Conference Scandinavia 2013, took the time to answer questions from their Sunni Muslim dominated audience. One of the questions was about how the western media portrays mainstream Muslim belief as “extreme.”

After the panel mentions that they’ve already covered that ground, the moderator of the roundtable, Fahad Ullah Qureshi, asks for a chance to respond. He then went on to mention how he is often asked by the media if he agrees with the “extreme” views of some of the speakers IslamNet brings in.

islamHis response should be replayed all over the media.

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He says that these speakers are not “extreme” at all! The common Muslim shares the same beliefs as the Muslim that the western media labels “extreme.” To highlight this, he had the Muslims in attendance raise their hands if they agreed with some of the “extreme” beliefs that the media seemed to be bothered by. The crowd overwhelmingly agreed.



Folks, there is no such thing as “moderate” or “extreme” Muslims. There are only Muslims.

And it’s not me, the writer from some right-wing conservative website, it’s the Muslims in this video who are trying to explain this to you.

Wake up.

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