Muslim Immigrants Attack an Innocent Woman – Authorities Do Nothing

A recent article in the Swedish newspaper Fria Tider details the harrowing story of one young Swedish woman whose life was turned upside down by violent Muslim immigrants.

Nathalie Hager is a 29-year old single woman from the small town of Nora, halfway between Stockholm and Oslo, Norway. Ms. Hager was on her way home one night last week when a group of Arabic-speaking men attacked her and attempted to rape her.

It all happened as she walked home from her local bus stop and noticed that she was being followed by a group of men. Hager called her boyfriend and did her best to sprint away from danger but the men soon overtook her.

“They pushed me down on my stomach and dragged me by my hair up a paved hill and into an alley. I have no memories of them beating me, but my face is all blue and swollen. They also cut into one of my breasts with something that must have been a carpet knife or a a razor blade, the wounds are long and narrow. I also have big black marks on my arms where they held me.”

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“They beat me black and blue and cut into one of my breasts, while shouting at me that I was a Swedish whore,” Ms. Hager told the Swedish newspaper. She doesn’t remember everything that happened, or even the order of some of the events but she vividly recalls that she suddenly became aware at some point that the men had begun pulling her pants from her body. At this point, Ms. Hager fought hard to escape her vile attackers and she was able to get away with her life but not before being badly beaten and having her chest sliced open with a knife.

Nathalie Hager2“Then I came around and noticed that they had ripped up all of my clothes. Somehow I managed to get away, I guess I must have beat them and clawed my way free because my hands are blue and black and swollen. I also had blood under my nails, which has been sampled by the police.

Ms. Hager has worked with Arabic speakers in the past and believes that the men were speaking in a Syrian dialect. She also said that when the men did speak in Swedish it was only to say disgusting and insulting things.

“It was only dirty words. ‘Swedish whore’ or ‘Swedish slut’ and ‘cunt’. No full sentences. In my impression, they spoke no Swedish except these words, so I assume they were asylum seekers.”

However, the worst part of this entire episode is that when Ms. Hager reported the attack to her local authorities they did nothing to help her. She says the police have not called her since she first reported the attack, in fact, she even tried to contacting them again but the police have not returned any of her calls!

“They dismissed me and said nobody could help me right now. I have to wait for an officer to be appointed for the case, they said. Now I can’t get hold of anyone and nobody seems to want to help. I spent a long time on the phone with the police and was connected to different people. None of them showed any interest or took notes when I named persons, including my friend at the bus station who saw the men and most likely would be able to provide accurate descriptions of them.”

Sadly, Nathalie Hager’s story is not unique to her. Women across the European continent are living in a dangerous and uncertain time as violent attacks are on the rise and Muslim migration seems never-ending. The danger promises to only grow as the government’s of Europe refuse to diffuse the situation and protect their citizens. All of this means that the chaos is likely to continue.

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