Multi-Millionaire Hollywood Actor Jim Carey Claims U.S. Must Become Socialist

Actor Jim Carrey who is estimated to be worth $150 million and who earned his millions through our capitalist system now says the US should turn socialist.

It’s dumb and dumber for wacky actor Jim Carrey who is estimated to be worth $150 million and who earned his millions through our capitalist system and who now says the U.S.A. should turn socialist.

Yes, it sure is a “you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world” situation, alright!

Jim Carrey, star of such films as Dumb and Dumber and Liar, Liar (gee, what apt titles, huh?) was a guest on Bill Maher’s HBO talk show when he made his idiotic proclamation.

At one point in the discussions on Real Time Carrey bleated, “We have to say yes to socialism — to the word and everything.”

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“We have to stop apologizing,” he added.

Carrey’s ill-informed comment came after Bill Maher criticized people who are critical of the Democrats for their veer to the far, far left.

“But that word — the Democrats need to get a plan to fight this slander of, ‘Socialism, you’re going to be living in Venezuela,'” Maher said. “And I don’t see it yet.”

This is a big change from earlier in his life when Carey used to be a big champion of capitalism. As LifeZette reports:

Carrey appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s former television program in 1997. He told the story of how he would drive down Mulholland Boulevard in Los Angeles to give himself an idea of the things he wanted to earn.

He said the idea was to convince himself that the things he was working for were out there — he just hadn’t gotten them yet.

The comedian also revealed that he wrote himself a $10 million check for “acting services rendered” while he was still a struggling performer.

“I gave myself five years, three years maybe [to earn that money], and I dated it Thanksgiving, 1995, and I put in in my wallet and I kept it there. It deteriorated and deteriorated, but then just before Thanksgiving, 1995, I found out I was going to make $10 million,” said Carrey.

The $10 million payday was for the hit film “Dumb and Dumber.”

If only the now 56-year-old Carrey, who is very comfortable and reportedly one of the richest men in Hollywood, could sit down with the young and struggling artist Carrey, the one with a $10 million check in his wallet and a ridiculous dream in his head.

He could tell that young Carrey about all the “benefits” of socialism. He could tell him to rip up that check, drop his dreams — and tell him he can only have as much as the person next to him, the one without a dream, the one not driving down Mulholland Boulevard every night, the one without a dream, without goals.

Go back to Canada where you were born, Carrey. We don’t need you here.

Or, better yet, Jimmy, be the change you wish to see. Move to Venezuela and donate all your money to dear leader Maduro.

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