MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Upset that Evolution was Missing from the GOP Debate

Chris Matthews, like liberals in general, is about the “Gotcha questions.” The purpose,, of course, is to keep an opponent off balance so a candidate won’t bring up troubling aspects of liberal policies.

One such “Gotacha question” is the subject of evolution. Here’s what Matthews had to say on the subject as he was recalling the 2007 Reagan Library primary debate when John Harris of Politico asked a question on who among the candidates believes in evolution:

“A reasonable question. Because it gets to so many aspects of science and how you get to truth. And they get really mad at that because it exposed a couple of them to a particular point of view about science. So I would like to think that Fox is just brazen enough to ask some – what they call bizarre questions. Because it’s those bizarre questions that really tell you who you’re dealing with here. If a person doesn’t believe in science or evolution or the evidence of our life on this earth, that’s a bad start. Okay? If they don’t believe in Lucy, they think all those bones were planted out there, the whole thing was historically some sort of ruse. If they believe that, slow down before you make them President of the United States.”

Chris Matthews doesn’t seem to be aware of the numerous evolutionary hoaxes (“ruses”) that included planted “evidence.”

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