MSNBC tells Obama to “Get Out of Your Bubble on ISIS!” Still Manage to Blame Bush…

Alright, so it wasn’t really any of the liberals at MSNBC saying this, it was the big RINO himself, Joe Scarborough. But it did take place on MSNBC, and that has to mean something, right?

Of course, Joe has to start by clearly stating that George W. Bush has some blame here – because the Middle East was a perfectly reasonable place before W. (Ridiculous.) But then he gets in to what Obama is most certainly doing wrong


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Scarborough: I keep wondering if it won’t show in history: George W. Bush went too far, too excessive, too prepared to use force and Barack Obama overcorrected and we’re paying a terrible price for it now.
If he does not change, if he does not do what every other president does, what Bill Clinton did, what F.D.R. did, what Ronald Reagan did, George W. Bush did, and learn from his past mistakes — if he stays isolated in a bubble — there will be a tremendous price for America to pay. I’m not saying to go invade the Middle East. I’m saying to get out of your defensive crouch and get out of your bubble and figure out what’s going on here and start connecting the dots.

I generally agree with Scarborough’s assessment. President Bush may have been too quick to use force in Iraq, fine. However, the idea that we have to reference that every time we discuss Mideast policy is ridiculous. Do we still mention the Barbary Pirates starting trouble with our private fleets? Do we still bring up the Ottoman Empire siding with the Germans in WWI? Do we still mention the weakness of Woodrow Wilson in failing to force his compromises on our allies after WWI? Do we blame FDR for enabling Zionist influences and the resettlement of Palestine by worldwide Jews? (Which I am fine with – just pointing out how this could cause problems in the region.) Do we blame Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton for failing to secure a Mideast peace? Doe we blame them for bombing Mideast nations during their tenures?

The answer is a resounding NO!

In a longer segment Scarborough and liberal Mike Barnicle seem to agree that President George W. Bush “broke” the Middle East.



This is complete and utter foolishness.

The Middle East has been broken for 1500 years and President George W. Bush may have made a mistake in getting us more involved in Iraq… but he hardly “broke” the Middle East by doing so. The people of the Middle East have “broken” the Middle East. Islam has broken the Middle East. We (and George W. Bush) have nothing to do with the “brokenness” in the Middle East.

Al Qaeda existed pre-Iraq. Hamas is in Israel. Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Ansar al-Sharia in Libya. ISIS rose up in Syria first – then moved to Iraq when Iraq’s army showed they could not stop them.

To blame these things on President Bush is childish, simplistic and foolhardy. Observations like that are a big part of the reason that our leaders continue to make terrible foreign policy decision after terrible decision. Obama has overcorrected in an effort to be “Not Bush,” and his successor will overcorrect in an effort to be “Not Obama.” Because of political calculations and job security concerns, our leaders are constantly making the wrong decisions by using poll data and recent history to guide their decision making processes.

It’s time for someone to step in and take a long view of politics. The Middle East was a chaotic hellhole long before George W. Bush stepped in, and there are many reasons for it… most of which have nothing to do with the West. Most of which have everything to do with Islam.

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