MSNBC Republican Joe Scarborough Says ‘I want Hillary to be the Nominee’ but it’s Not What You Think


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough hosts what could be argued is the liberal news networks’ “best” show, Morning Joe. Scarborough is a center-right Republican who used to represent what he lovingly calls the “Redneck Riviera” or Florida’s panhandle. He can generally be counted on to offer a Republican opinion, but is not the consistent conservative that most Florida panhandle voters usually are. He has become an important Republican voice in the media, though, perhaps accentuated by the fact that he appears on MSNBC, and he said something very interesting on Monday morning’s episode of Morning Joe that will likely interest many people.

Joe said that, as a Republican, he hoped that Hillary would be the Democrat nominee… because if she was, the Democrats would lose!

Imagine — and this is a question not for Republicans and by the way, to my Democratic friends, it’s in my best interest, if I’m a Republican for Republicans to win the White House for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination. Because I think if she wins the nomination, your party is going to lose. So you can be an ideologue if you want and say, oh, Joe’s being a — no, actually, if I were a Democrat — I say this to Republicans all the time, because we’re usually the ones who make really, really bad choices. ‘Please, put down the whiskey and the car keys. No, I can drive…’  But so I’m talking to my Democratic friends now. I think Hillary is going to lose. 

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Well, I sure hope he’s right!

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