MSNBC Panelist Claims White Men ‘Pose Biggest Threat to Americans’

MSNBC, what a classy bunch, eh?

On Saturday, GenYNot co-founder Jamira Burley joined in on a discussion about an FBI report covering “black identity extremists.” She claims that white men currently pose “the biggest threat to Americans every single day.”

Here we go, another white privilege rant about something that does not even exist!

Burley continued, “What is extremely disturbing about Jeff Session and the FBI rhetoric around this idea of black identity extremist is it continues to highlight white Americans disdain with black people demanding equal due which is protection under the law, access to resources and the ability to freely move through throughout society without being victimized and criminalized.”

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“What is interesting though is that white men continue to be the–pose the biggest threat to Americans every single day,” Burley added,  “It’s been documented and verified that they are more likely to burn down churches, more likely to commit mass murders and mass shootings and so Jeff Sessions’ reality and his assessment on these people I think is both lacking in facts and both reality.”

It is extremely convenient that she would try to say white men are the biggest threat to Americans. According to the  US Census Bureau, only 13 percent of our population is black. However, the percentage of crimes committed by blacks are higher than whites. Does anyone else see the problem with that?

Between the years of 1980 and 2008, Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that 52 percent of homicides were committed by black offenders, while 45 percent were white. That means that more than half of the murders committed by 13 percent of the population.

Yet white people are the biggest threat in our country, huh?

Here’s an idea, lets stop splitting hairs and pointing fingers and work together.


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