MSNBC Outraged That Trump “Threatened to Jail His Political Opponent” [VIDEO]

This was a great moment from the debate. Hillary said that it was a good thing Donald Trump isn’t in charge of the laws of this country, to which Trump quickly responded:  “Because you’d be in jail.” The crowd erupted in applause, while the moderators scolded them for clapping.

They could applaud Hillary, but not Trump. That was the rule.

The fact that Trump “threatened” to jail his political opponent is what was shocking and outrageous, according to MSNBC host Joy Reid.

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Joy Reid:  I don’t want to be dramatic with it, but my father came to this country from the Democratic Republic of the Congo… We need to not speed past the point that an American candidate for president threatened to jail his political opponent. This is something that Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, is investigating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo right now! Because as of this summer, a political opponent of the current leader was put in jail on charges. This happens in Malaysia, this happens in Uganda, this does not happen in the United States of America. 

Donald Trump’s quip had nothing to do with wanting to “jail his political opponent.” If you watch the whole clip – which is worth watching – he talks about how people’s lives have been ruined for doing much less than what Hillary’s done. He brought up how people who have been with the FBI for many years are angry that nothing happened to Hillary, all because of her name and celebrity status.

If we have laws in this country that are used to prosecute and convict the lower class people, they should be good enough to prosecute and convict the privileged upper crust, like Hillary Clinton.

And to Joy Reid’s comments about how this “doesn’t happen in the United States of America,” yes it does happen. You’d be naive not to think so.

Political opponents are jailed or forced to resign. Or they commit “suicide” in nearly impossible ways. And yes, it happens in the United States of America. What doesn’t happen as much is prosecuting and convicting high-profile politicians for crimes that would put anyone else in jail immediately.

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