MSNBC Notices that Obama is Acting A LOT like Oprah Winfrey Lately

MSNBC’s low-rating “It Boy” Ronan Farrow made an interesting observation on his show Monday night when he connected President Obama’s State of the Union Address, 2015 Budget Proposal and the Oprah Winfrey show.

The president announced a nearly $4 trillion budget proposal for 2015, with increased spending for Homeland Security and Defense, education, and infrastructure, especially tech infrastructure. 

Basically, “you get the money and you get the money, you all get the money!” Just like a certain Chicago-based talk show host.

Check it out.

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If the liberal hacks at MSNBC (of which Farrow is most definitely one) are starting to notice that the President seems to be living in a fantasy land where we use Monopoly money to pay for stuff… then things must really be bad. Look, conservatives have been saying since the President’s State of the Union address that he seems to be losing his grip on reality. Whether it’s about Islamic terrorism or on the budget – the President is operating in some kind of science fiction fantasy world.

All of the free things the President keeps saying that we need aren’t actually free. Someone, somewhere has to pay for them. The President may choose to ignore reality, but most everyone else won’t, apparently even if they work for MSNBC.

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