MSNBC Needs Twitter Purge So They Can Not Lose Arguments

A conservative and a liberal got in an argument on Twitter, so guess which one was the victim of a Twitter purge.

What kind of loser would need to have Twitter purge someone for arguing with him?

MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart attacked Donald Trump on Twitter for the government shutdown. R. C. Maxwell, a black conservative, argued against his position and defended Trump.

So, Twitter kicked Maxwell off the platform.

I don’t know if Capehart had anything to do with Maxwell getting kicked off of Twitter, but Twitter’s action makes Capehart look weak and incompetent. Twitter essentially rescued him from ideological diversity.

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Breitbart reports, “California GOP Consultant R.C. Maxwell Suspended from Twitter Following Exchange with MSNBC Host.

Shortly after a number of exchanges with [Jonathan] Capehart, [R.C.] Maxwell was suspended from Twitter. Maxwell told Breitbart Tech that he was informed by Twitter that his account was suspended for “hateful conduct,” but refused to outline which of Maxwell’s tweets were considered “hateful conduct.” Maxwell told Breitbart Tech, “I reject racism and I’m not alt-right. I’m a conservative, I work for conservatives, I’ve called out the alt-right many times.”

Maxwell himself has been subjected to racist remarks on Twitter from left-leaning users […]

Last year, Maxell was attacked by Antifa (warning: bad language).

Leftist don’t seem every brave!

Read the entire Breitbart story.

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