MSNBC Liberal says “Brilliant” Donald Trump is Going to Beat Hillary Clinton

Liberal MSNBC analyst Donny Deutsch had some very interesting things to say on a recent episode of Morning Joe.

In a conversation with his fellow panelists on the MSNBC morning show, Deutsch sounded an awestruck note as he praised the GOP frontrunner for the “brilliant” campaign that he has run thus far.  How brilliant he has set it up, that the bar — you just basically said he’s acting presidential because he’s not calling into shows. He’s letting people speak for him. I mean, just bait — nothing. He’s not giving any incredible policy speech. So the great thing that he has set up for himself, and I actually think — I’m going to say this out loud — I actually think this guy is going to win… I think he can beat Hillary…

Obviously the woman problem, the Hispanic problem, the demographics are very against him. Having said that, though, Trump voters on the right are so sticky. They’re not going anywhere. Everybody who’s voting for Hillary, ‘Well, I guess Hillary,'” Deutsch remarked, speaking of the difference between Clinton and Trump voters.
“Number two, he can go to the left and right of Hillary. He can pretty much put a portfolio of issues together that he’s behind,”
Deutsch remarked leading to the most telling part of the conversation.

Among the MSNBC panelists they believe that Trump’s greatest strength is the fact that he is “so nimble” on policies. Mr. Trump isn’t a conservative, so he isn’t tied to conservative ideas — meaning that when the general election comes around, he can actually be as liberal as Hillary Clinton is. It’s an interesting argument, but as easily as it could be the reason that Mr. Trump could win the election, couldn’t it also be the reason he would lose? Would conservatives (and even moderate) Republicans stay home rather than vote, if Donald Trump were to adopt a more liberal campaign once the general election race begins?

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