MSNBC Liberal Rachel Maddow says “Maybe Democrats Don’t Deserve to Win”

MSNBC liberal Rachel Maddow was on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week when she attacked Democrat candidates for distancing themselves from President Obama. She doesn’t seem to understand why the Democrats, whose biggest strength has been the once popular but now extremely unpopular President, would not be happily running toward the President.

“If your opponent loses the thing that they’ve been using as a crutch for six years and you just let them walk away from it like it never existed, maybe you don’t deserve to win,” Maddow told Seth Meyers. “They just don’t have the killer instinct it takes to make their opponents pay for a big mistake and I don’t understand why the Democrats are doing that.”


Obviously Maddow fails to realize that the President is deeply unpopular and that most Americans regret his reelection. If the Democrats were running as close allies of President Obama, the Republican Party would be preparing for the biggest Wave election in the Senate in American history. Sadly, this year’s Democrats have been masquerading as conservatives and so many of the races are closer than they should be.

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