MSNBC Liberal Makes Disgusting Holocaust Comment

The increasingly inconsequential Touré of MSNBC fame is at it again.

This time claiming that surviving the holocaust has something to do with “White Privilege.”



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Somewhere along the line Touré’s teachers failed him.

Did no history teacher in High School or Professor in College tell him that the Jews were persecuted for racial and religious reasons?

See, the Jewish people may be “white” today but that’s a very recent development. Which begs more questions than it answers. If one group can “change” their color… does that mean other groups can too?

Thankfully, the internet was not happy with Touré’s explanation for holocaust survivors making it in the USA.


I wonder how Touré would explain the immigrant experience of Asians who disproportionately become wealthy and upwardly mobile upon coming to America. (When I say Asians, I mean from various backgrounds as well – Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) In fact, today in America, Asian ethnicities are likely to be better educated and wealthier than anyone else… INCLUDING WHITES.

Did you get that, folks? Whites are not the most “privileged” group anymore. Yet because of their place as the majority ethnicity… liberals feel the need to invent things like “White Privilege.”

toure4I have a question for Touré. What was the secret to my family’s success?

Both sides of my family emigrated from Cuba in the 1960’s. They were purchased out by family in America, on Freedom Flights.

Both of my parents were children when they arrived here – with NOTHING. (Castro stripped them of all worldly possessions before leaving.) Within one generation (that’s me and my siblings and cousins) our family is middle-class America. We have college educations, we own homes, we have families and pay taxes. Our parents are also middle class Americans, our grandparents now living in retirement after years of hard work…

We ARE the American Dream.

I don’t say this to brag. I don’t say it to imply that my family (and all of our branches) are special or better than anyone else. In fact, I mean the exact opposite.

If we can do it, anyone can.

And unlike Touré’s “white” Jews… we were brown. We are brown and America opened her doors took us in and sheltered our families. America offered us opportunities and the liberty to explore any future we wanted.

We’re not the only ones, either. There are millions of immigrants whose skin color is not “privileged” who make good on our shores every day. Perhaps if Touré and the liberal dependency culture turned their gaze inward we’d fix the problems of race and inequality much faster… their blame game is certainly not accomplishing anything.

Hey Touré. I’m brown and I made it… how do you explain that?


UPDATE: Touré has apologized… kind of… in a pretty jerky way. But it’s something…

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