MSNBC: Kavanaugh Will Be Illegitimate Supreme Court Justice

This is absolutely the most ridiculous statement ever even for MSNBC and that’s really saying something. A dictator wouldn’t bother with hearings, except as their being the last procedural step before the firing squad… Are they trying to incite another civil war?

Why are the Democrats and their lowlife MSM news against anything that’s good for America? They are nothing but social justice bullies, screaming harridans, and lying con artists.


MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski and analyst Steve Schmidt had strong language Tuesday for President Donald Trump and his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, calling the former a “dictator in the making” and the latter “illegitimate” before he’s even been confirmed.

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Kavanaugh begins his confirmation hearings Tuesday as Democrats mount a last-ditch effort to defeat his nomination. No Senate Republicans have signaled they will oppose him since Trump nominated Kavanaugh in July, and at least two need to vote no to torpedo his chances.

Schmidt, the ex-Republican strategist and vociferous critic of the Trump White House, previously helmed the successful confirmations of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito while working in the George W. Bush administration. He and other Trump opponents have been a sharp critic of the administration’s handling of Kavanaugh’s process. More

The ABA standing committee on the judiciary released its evaluation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh awarding him a unanimous “well-qualified” rating. This is their highest rating. And it was unanimous. More

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