MSNBC Host Rips the GOP for Attacking Obama

MSNBC’s Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough went on a tirade against the GOP on Tuesday for their treatment of President Obama.

His attack focused on the Republicans tendency to criticize President Obama on foreign policy matters, even as he moves forward and does the things they GOP wants him to do. Scarborough wants the GOP to rally around President Obama and support him in the fight against ISIS.

“The President of the United States is doing what we hear John McCain and Lindsey Graham and other Republicans say he should do, and what is the response?” Scarborough asked. “It’s criticism.”

“The president is not leading behind any more on ISIS,” Scarborough continued. “He is arming the Kurds — something that, of course, Republicans said they were for but now they are not saying, ‘Thank you, Mr. President, for doing what we have been asking you to do.’ Don’t know exactly why. Oh, yeah: we aggressively worked to retake a dam from ISIS. Still, all I heard this weekend was criticism of the Commander in Chief. That’s fine, I guess, if that is what you want to do, if that gets you off. I mean, seriously? We are in the middle of a crisis and all you want to talk about is what happened in the rearview mirror?”

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I get where Scarborough is going here.

I don’t think he is completely correct in his analysis, but I get it.

joe scarboroughThe GOP has been calling for a harsher response to ISIS and President Obama is moving towards one — but on his own – without first getting Congressional approval. He needs to go to Congress first. He needs their advice and their consent on whatever happens next. Why? Because WE (you and I) are Congress. This is the whole point of why we elect people to the House of Representatives… to make the most important decisions… like when we go to war.

So some of the GOP criticism has been about the President’s desire to act on his own.

Also, some of the criticism has been about the President’s double-minded nature.

He wants us out of the Middle East, but he keeps sending us back to the Middle East. He doesn’t want to be involved, but he does want to be involved.

This kind of messaging makes us seem…confused… and it emboldens our enemies.

The President can stand up and say, we are not the world police, but when we see a genocide happening, we will respond with overwhelming force. Instead, he meanders and mumbles about philosophical nothingness when it comes to foreign policy. He sets red lines and then does nothing when those lines are crossed.

So, GOP criticism on these issues is well deserved.

Until the President acts in a clear and decisive manner, while seeking advice from Congress and while keeping Congress informed, the GOP will continue to criticize.

And, honestly… Joe Scarborough should understand why.

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