MSNBC Anchor Says Nobody REALLY Thinks Chris Christie Can Win the GOP Nomination

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough brings some painful truth for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. “What everybody says off the air in Republican circles. No, I’m just going to say, if you want to know what Mitt Romney is thinking, nobody thinks Chris Christie can win…”

Ouch Joe. Just ouch.

Listen, this is what conservatives have been saying all along… even before Christie’s Bridgegate problems. Unlike Mitt Romney or John McCain, Chris Christie simply cannot sound conservative enough to get the base to follow him. He just can’t. He’s been liberal on guns, marriage, taxes and plenty of other stuff for too long. Plus, does anyone, anywhere think Chris Christie is capable of playing the politics game with conservatives?

When conservative voters confront him at rallies and events – do you really think he’d be able to play nice with them? Of course not! His personality wouldn’t allow him to kowtow to conservatives just to get their vote. He’d listen to their questions and then tell them why they were wrong and he was right… and conservatives would simply say… “Fine. But I won’t vote for you.”

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Watch Scarborough put the kibosh on any Christie 2016 talk.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: I will tell you this.  Mitt Romney, that guy right there, that guy’s not worried about Chris Christie. That guy’s not going to stay out of the race because —

MARK HALPERIN: Let’s say Christie gets in first. Let’s say Christie gets in shortly after the election. Do you think Mitt would come in?

SCARBOROUGH: He just doesn’t care. He doesn’t think that — he does not think that Chris Christie is going to win and we ought to just say what, we ought to do what we do around here and say on the air —

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: What everyone’s thinking —

SCARBOROUGH: — what everybody says off the air in Republican circles. No, I’m just going to say, if you want to know what Mitt Romney is thinking, nobody thinks Chris Christie can win. Nobody thinks he can get past everything that’s happened before even if he’s exonerated. Nobody thinks he’s got the temperament to run. Nobody thinks he can handle Iowa. Nobody thinks he’s going to win in south Carolina. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I only say that to say nobody around Mitt Romney is saying, oh boy, if Chris Christie gets in, we better not do it. And we’re all talking about who has the mantle for the establishment wing of the Republican party. It’s Jeb or it’s Mitt and if Jeb doesn’t run, then I think Mitt may be on his way.

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