MSM Dismisses Florida Election Misconduct As Conservative Conspiracy Theory

The Democrats that are running Florida’s Broward County election returns are breaking election laws in a desperate effort to steal the election.

This is exactly what President Trump means when he says the MSM is our worst enemy. Instead of looking into this they cover for the criminal Democrats.

Rubio Tweeted: “How much more will it take to convince skeptics that what is happening in Palm Beach & #BrowardCounty is not a normal elections process?” 

I guess the court that ruled against the two counties is also in on the ‘conspiracy theory.’

Daily Caller:

The establishment media is dismissing the election scandal in Florida as a conservative conspiracy theory, but the evidence proves something strange is afoot.

Republican Governor Rick Scott beat incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson for the state’s open Senate seat, but days after the election, election supervisors in Broward and Palm Beach counties were still adding votes to the tally.

The supervisors refused to share where the additional ballots were coming from and how many were left to count, leading Republicans in the state to cry foul.

The media swiftly rebuked Republican concerns of potential fraud or misconduct as “conspiracy theories” cooked up to deny Democrats the election.

Will Sommer of The Daily Beast wrote, “Republican and internet conspiracy theorists are freaking out as new ballots threaten their Florida Senate win.” More

Florida law also requires that vote-by-mail and absentee ballots are accounted for within 30 minutes of polls closing. While the other 65 counties in Florida had no problem following this state law, the supervisors of Broward County and Palm Beach County refused to follow it. Florida law also requires that the Department of State be given reports every 45 minutes until results are completely filed. Palm Beach County has refused to do this.”

Case closed… shut it down now!

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