Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Surgeon Who Groped a Woman

Let’s tell the story of Dr. Trump and Dr. Clinton, the famous surgeons in The Great National Hospital.

An average American couple, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, paid many visits to the hospital recently. I would say they are in their fifties and are sitting in the waiting room of the Cardiology Department. They are waiting to take the final decision about Mr. Smith’s heart. He has not been feeling well recently.

They heard many opinions. The story took a lot of publicity. The media is talking nonstop about it.

Why is that???

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The story started in a closed-room meeting in the highest floor in the hospital building. The owners of the hospital, billionaires, were meeting with Dr. Clinton, an ambitious woman.

The Owner: “Dr. Clinton, you know that you will be the first woman to be Chief Surgeon in the hospital if things went right.”

Dr. Clinton: “Yes, if I can get to do this surgery.”

The Owner: “We are doing our best to convince the couple to choose you and your new technique for the operation. If it was not for Dr. Trump, we would have been done by now.”

Dr. Clinton: “It’s not easy for us to convince them that the solution is to take Mr. Smith’s heart out and retrain his liver to do the job of the heart. You know he will die if we do this.”

The Owner: “We convinced them that his heart is bad despite that fact that it’s not. You know that trading in human organs is not the easiest job. However, it is very profitable.”

Dr. Clinton: “Dr. Trump is giving them a more convincing opinion where he would treat him without taking his heart out. I don’t know how he got the guts to defy you. No other surgeon dared.”

The Owner: “Don’t worry about it. We can’t talk about our plans explicitly. You did not watch the news channels? No one is talking about the medical solutions. They are talking about his ten-year-old video where he admitted that he groped a woman. The couple will feel pressured to choose you for the surgery.”

Dr. Clinton: “Yes, I heard about that. I heard also that two or three women came with such allegations as well. However, as a lawyer, I can say, it is just allegations, there’s no evidence or witnesses. How are we going to make the case in front of the couple and the people?”

The Owner: “No need for evidence or witnesses. Many people will believe it’s true.”

Dr. Clinton: “How is that?”

The Owner: “You don’t know that we own the media? They will keep talking about the allegations nonstop. People believe the media. It’s not an experienced judge we are trying to convince. Plus, we chose the right time to make these women come forward with the allegations – very close to the day of their decision.”

Dr. Clinton: “Ah….I got it. That is why they came with the allegations now despite the incidents, they claim, supposedly took place more than 10 years ago – even one woman is talking about 30 years ago.”

The Owner: “You got it… it is the time for the people to choose.”

Dr. Clinton: “But wait a minute, what does him groping a woman 10 years ago have to do with his abilities as a surgeon? I personally would not mind a surgeon, who groped a woman 10 years ago, if this really happened, or if he is just bragging about doing something like this. I would not mind that, if he took care of me instead of taking my heart out.”

The Owner: “Everyone understands that. However, I told you before, we made it a matter of public opinion. The media will pressure them.”

Back to the waiting room where the couple are deciding. In front of them are two consent forms. One to give consent for Dr. Trump to treat Mr. Smith without taking his heart out. The other one would give the consent for Dr. Clinton to take Mr. Smith’s heart out and train the liver to do the job of the heart!

Mrs. Smith: “The news channels are saying that Dr. Trump groped a woman 10 years ago. They are not mentioning anything about the medical issue. I am confused. You think we should let Dr. Clinton take your heart out?”

Mr. Smith: “I am confused as well. The idea that the media don’t talk about the medical issue makes me really uncomfortable. They are just talking about personal issues.”

Mrs. Smith: “You are right about that. What should we choose?”

We don’t know what Mr. and Mrs. Smith will choose. Those of us who are not listening to the media know quite well that they should not let Dr. Clinton take his heart out, as he will definitely die if she does so.

Now back to the life of all Americans.

Hillary Clinton, when she was asked about sending the factories out, she did not deny that people will lose their jobs. She decided that retraining the 50 and 60-year-old factory workers to work in the services is the solution. Despite this, she knows quite well that there is no way on earth she will find jobs in the services for them. Retraining 50 and 60-years-old workers?! I think this sounds outrageous.

From the leaked emails, while talking to the elite-business men in a secret meeting, she was talking about her dreams of totally open borders! Opened more than it is opened right now? Where the cheap merchandise made abroad would flow into America. Fully killing the American Industry. Fully open borders where the cheap labor from Latin America would be legalized to take the rest of the jobs of the Americans!!

The media ignores talking about this. Absolute cover-up. All that they talk about is Trump’s personal issues!!

I am asking the most conservative American. I am asking every woman. If you are drowning and everyone is watching you drown, and one, and only one, man jumped in the water to save your life.

Would You Ask Him if He groped A Woman 10 Years Ago?? Just let Trump save us.

For the sake of those who lost their jobs, and those who will lose their jobs if Hillary is elected.

Vote Trump.

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