Mowing the White House Lawn is not Oppression

A ten-year-old boy asked to mow the White House lawn and Liberals have a problem with that.

The New York Times’ former labor reporter, Steven Greenhouse, is criticizing Donald Trump for allowing a young boy to mow the White House lawn. After all, the American Academy of Pediatrics has ruled that children should be twelve before they operate a lawn mower. So now that we have a national body of medical experts deciding the issue for all children for all time, we should know that it is always wrong for a ten-year-old to volunteer for such a task.

Or else we could think for ourselves.

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Molly Hemingway replies at The Federalist, “No, Frank The White House Mower Doesn’t Send Bad Messages On Child Labor.”

In America, kids this age have begun mowing lawns for money for decades. This is, in fact, the stereotypical way that suburban children begin earning money before they get a work permit. Kids should not be discouraged from this.

In fact, the bigger problem is that too many kids are not being given opportunities to develop work habits, engage with different generations, or learn basic life skills. These things help kids navigate through the more realistic dangers they will face, including inability to make appropriate decisions in the face of risk, lack of initiative, economic doldrums, and loneliness.

Through his initiative in sending a letter to the White House, his entrepreneurship at a young age, his diligence at his work, prudent use of safety equipment, and his good attitude, Frank is modeling excellent behavior at a young age. And he did a nice job.

Read the entire Federalist story.

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