Motor Voter Law Fail: Over 23,000 Californians Registered Improperly to Vote by State’s DMV

California changed its voter registration laws recently to automatically register people to vote when they sign up for a drivers license through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

California changed its voter registration laws recently to automatically register people to vote when they sign up for a drivers license through the Department of Motor Vehicles. But now we are seeing what a bad idea this law is as so far more than 23,000 people have been registered to vote even though they don’t qualify for the privilege.

A new report from the L.A. Times reports:

Tens of thousands of Californians have been registered to vote incorrectly by the state Department of Motor Vehicles, including some who were assigned the wrong political party preference, officials said Wednesday.

Officials insist the errors were limited to 23,000 of the 1.4 million voter registration files sent to elections offices between late April, when California’s new automated “motor voter” system went into effect, and early August. Californians who were affected will soon receive notifications in the mail instructing them to check their voter registration status.

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Jean Shiomoto, the state’s DMV director, and Amy Tong, director of the California Department of Technology, described the problem as “an administrative processing error” in a letter to Secretary of State Alex Padilla, California’s chief elections officer.

“We are committed to getting this right and are working closely with the Secretary of State’s office to correct the errors that occurred,” Shiomoto said in a written statement. Tong declined to comment beyond the letter.

The paper adds:

The mistakes came less than four months after other problems surfaced with the rollout of California’s motor voter system, mandated by state law to register any U.S. citizen to vote who applies for or renews a license at the DMV. That error — potentially thousands of cases in which multiple registration documents were generated for a single voter — was caught before the June primary. The timing of the new error, officials said, should not cause problems for any Californian who changes registration information before the November election. County elections officers across the state were also briefed Wednesday.

Padilla, who said he was “extremely disappointed and deeply frustrated” with the mistakes, said he remains confident in the ambitious new voter registration program.

“I hope this doesn’t detract from the otherwise overwhelming success that motor voter has been,” he said.

Of course, there is one reason why Democrats love this idea of what is often called “motor voter” laws (because the motor vehicles department is registering voters). Democrats want to open our elections to as much chaos as possible and they want to multiply the opportunities for voter fraud. Why? Because fraud is how Democrats win.

If voter rolls are trimmed of those not eligible or if they are trimmed of people who no longer qualify, have moved, or even passed away, that cuts down on the possibilities that Democrats can make fake, illegal votes. And in this age when elections often turn on mere handfuls of votes, they need all the fraud they can get away with.

Democrats are the best fraudsters in the nation and motor voter laws are a boon to that fraud.

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