Mother of the Year: OH Mom Caught Shooting Heroin in Front of Young Son (Video)

An Ohio neighborhood surveillance camera captured the horrifying moment when a 29-year-old mother walking with her young 4-year-old son stopped to shoot up heroin in the alley.

Lauren Story now faces charges after not only being caught injecting the drugs with a syringe, but also for doing them in front of her son as he played on a smartphone. The charges are of child endangerment and possession of drug paraphernalia, and she is being held on a $22,000 bond.

John Donaldson of Grant Park Block Watch shot the video in an alley near a park Wednesday, the station reported.

“I saw the little boy sitting there against the wall really behaving himself while the two were preparing to shoot up,” Donaldson told the station.

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“I think the people [who live here] are solid people,” he said. “The people that are the problem are the people that come down here and sell their dope and the people that come down here and buy their dope.”

Donaldson showed the video to police who arrested Story Thursday.

An officer spotted her and the boy in front of the Hamilton County Courthouse in downtown Cincinnati, Fox 19 reported.

Police said they found four syringes in her purse when they took her into custody, according to the station.

Prosecutor Dave Wood said, “People have sympathy for people who use heroin but that sympathy ends when you’re doing it in front of your children.”

By order of a judge, Story is not allowed to be near her son again unless it is approved by a county child’s caseworker. He has been placed in the care of a relative.


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