Most Popular Baby Name in Holland?

Contrary to reports that the most popular baby name is Noah, the real one doesn’t come from the Bible.

In response to claims that Noah was the most popular baby name in Holland, a journalist looked at the data and realized that variant spellings of Mohammed were counted as separate names. There were 635 babies born in 2017 named Noah and there were no variant spellings. But there were 636 babies named after the prophet of Islam and the reputed dictator of the Koran.

ZeroHedge reports, “Mohammed Is Most Popular Name For Newborn Boys In Holland For 2nd Year Straight.

The name Noah was putatively considered the most popular boy’s name for 2017, having been given to 635 new-born boys in the Netherlands. But as VoE reports, a journalist from broadcaster Powned did some research into the database, however, and noticed that another name, a non-traditional Dutch name, was slightly more prevalent.


Mohammed 221, Mohamed 211, Muhammed 110, Mohammad 51, Muhammad 43 and reached a total of 636.

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