Most Diverse Senate Office Belongs to Republican

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

Senate Democrats are under pressure to bring more diversity to their offices, after a report came out accusing the party of “soft bigotry.”

Despite sounding the clarion call for more diversity and aggressively pursuing even the slightest whiff of racial bigotry over the last year, Dems are apparently scrambling to mix up the whiteness in their offices, Politico’s Playbook covered today in a short blurb.

On top of having no minority chiefs of staff, less than three percent of blacks and Latinos have senior staff positions in Senate Democrats’ offices, according to a 2015 report from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

Now, Senate Democrats are under pressure to fix their diversity issues as activists and civil rights groups mobilize against them. Some civil rights groups plan to hold a conference call Thursday to campaign for more diversity in Senate Democrats’ offices.

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Some lobbyists have said that they plan to focus on the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Since the DSCC takes money from minority lobbyists, they should be at least hiring minorities to staff positions, said one lobbyist.

“As minority lobbyists, we know we invest in the DSCC directly, financially, and we want them to, in return, invest in us as a community and not just take our money and then — when they make decisions on who to hire as vendors and staff — to look the other way,”  Oscar Ramirez declared, a Podesta Group lobbyist.

Despite claims of being the party of diversity, it turns out that a Republican senator actually has the most diverse office in the Senate, according to an investigation by New York Daily News writer Shaun King.

Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina has the only black chief of staff in the Senate, according to a Democratic staffer.

“Tim Scott. The lone black chief of staff in the entire United States Senate works for South Carolina Republican, Tim Scott. His office may be the most diverse in the entire Senate.” the staffer maintained.

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