More Reports of Broward County Law Enforcement Cowardice!

But the media is not yet asking if problems with Broward County law enforcement spring from corruption.

The questions go beyond the personal character of Broward County law enforcement officers. If more than one hid at the perimeter rather than go into the school where students were being murdered, then we have to ask about the culture in Broward County government.

The FBI is a separate question. But what about corruption in Broward County training law enforcement offices for years to not arrest students? See also here.

Fox News reports, “Several Broward deputies waited outside during Florida school shooting, report says.

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Coral Springs cops who responded to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School say several Broward sheriff’s deputies waited outside rather than rush in as the killer was gunning down students, according to reports.

The allegations emerged a day after veteran Broward deputy Scot Peterson resigned under fire for failing to enter the school during the Valentine’s Day shooting. President Trump on Friday said Peterson, who was assigned to guard the school, “did a poor job.”

The Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that according to police sources at least three Broward deputies, including Peterson, waited outside.

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