More Obama Administration Corruption Discovered

While the media continues to smear Trump, Obama administration corruption continues to come out!

This Obama administration corruption isn’t as serious as Fast and Furious, Libya, or the IRS scandal (to name a few instances) but it still reveals the nature of both the Democrat machine and their allies in the mainstream media. It also reveals something ugly about environmentalism, since the official used his position in the Fish and Wildlife Service to benefit a family member.

The Washington Times reports, “Obama official funneled thousands of dollars in grant money to family.

The inspector general said Richard Ruggiero, who served as international conservation chief with the Fish and Wildlife Service, helped set up a $126,781 cooperative agreement with the nonprofit International Fund for Animal Welfare. The agreement was aimed at helping to “establish a professional training program for conservation leaders overseas.”


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The agreement was later extended, and a total of $324,108 was paid out.

Of that, $5,684.29 for training went to a family member of Mr. Ruggiero. Investigators said he did not initially disclose the fact that the agreement would benefit a family member, who appears to have been his wife.

“Ruggiero admitted that he did not recuse himself from the cooperative agreement, despite having had several reminders and opportunities to do so throughout the agreement’s period of performance,” the inspector general said in a report.

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