More Interracial Mob Violence Ignored by Mainstream Media

When does interracial mob violence call for a “national conversation about race,” and when is it ignored?

There’s a video of the interracial mob violence at the web page with the story of the girl attacked by both men and women, but I can’t seem to get it to show up. So here it is contained in one of YouTuber Colin Flaherty’s videos. It runs to 21:05.

No notice is taken that this is one of many instances of spontaneous interracial mob violence, corresponding to many other tales of interracial mob violence that are almost always

  1. Only reported by local news stations, and
  2. Carefully devoid of any acknowledgment of the racial dynamics.

NBC News 14 in Evansville, Indiana, reports, “Caught on camera: Women beaten at Madisonville gas station.

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In the cell phone video, you can see Marathon clerk Kella Gross being dragged onto the ground, getting punched and kicked by a group of men and women. Gross told investigators she was trying to break up a fight when she suddenly became the victim.

“I could not believe that somebody would hurt that woman. I mean, this is her job, why would they take her out of her job? I mean, they hurt her… ,” customer Seth LaMarr said.

Read the entire news story.

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