More Fake Grades at Another City High School

A Memphis high school has been exposed as a dispenser of fake grades.

How many times are we going to view or read the same story of fake grades every year? Here is what started the story a few months ago:

The corruption could not be solved by scapegoating a single employee. This month the high school was in the news again. Now, not only has more of the scandal come to light at Trezevant High School, but other schools are also involved.

Channel 3 News in Memphis reports, “SCS to investigate more schools in grade-fixing scandal.

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New information has been released about possible grade changing that is happening at multiple Shelby County high schools.

The district now wants to dig deeper to see if illegal grade changing is a widespread problem.

Last week, WREG learned about an audit that uncovered 53 Trezevant High School students graduated this past May without actually earning their diplomas.

Shelby County School board member Chris Caldwell said the school district will look closely at several more schools that were highlighted in the audit and showed a high amount of grade changes.

This story is about secret illegal grade changes. It doesn’t address the other ways that schools openly commit grade fraud.

Because the only way to make socialism look successful is to lie about it. That is as true of “public education” as any other industry.

Read the entire story.

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