More Evidence We’ve Become a Nation of WUSSIES

Growing up we were taught “sticks and stones will break our bones, but words will never hurt us.”  Back then best friends would find ways to express their bromantic affection by coming up with a creative way to tell each other how much they suck, or inventing the millions of guys who slept with their sister (or mother).

Until very recently, displaying strength through adverse circumstances was an attribute that people valued in this great country. How many among us have fathers bragged about walking  barefoot ten miles to school every day. The walk was uphill (both ways), and there were blizzards at least once a week,  even in May and June (in Miami).

Now things are different. Today we are dealing with generation who grew up receiving participation trophies because the purpose of sports was to feel good about ones self, instead of kicking the butt of the other team. This generation elected leaders who believe it really possible to negotiate with terrorists, or lead from behind. And those adults raised children who cannot bear to hear an opinion that differs with theirs, who go to schools that teach political conformity instead of the art of debate, that provide safe spaces where students can escape differing opinions and bask in the warmth of group think.  In short we have become a nation of wussies, where seldom is heard a discouraging word because discouraging words may make people sad.

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