More European Homosexuals Are Supporting Right Wing Politicians

With Muslim mass migration, it should be no surprise that European homosexuals are moving right.

European homosexuals moving right in how they vote makes perfect sense in the context of Liberal support for importing massive numbers of Muslims. Indeed, the question is not why European homosexuals are starting to support parties opposed to mass immigration, but why aren’t their gay advocacy organizations also doing so? Right now, homosexual organizations are more likely to cover up the problem than support the Right.

PJ Media reports, “Alarmed by Islam, Europe’s Gays Are Moving to the Right.

On September 14, CNN’s website ran a story about gays in Germany who are supporting the Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD). A middle-aged Bremen couple interviewed for the piece had been violently gay-bashed by “two locally known Muslim extremists” who “were never arrested and later fled to Syria.” After failing to receive justice from local prosecutors and the mayor’s office, the couple had cast their lot in with AfD.

“I don’t like everything they say,” admitted one of the two gay men, a longtime leftist and former Green Party voter, “but this is too dangerous for gay people to live openly here, if we get attacked like that. We need a party that’s talking openly about this.” Like FN, AfD opposes same-sex marriage – but also has gay people in its leadership, and is supported by a higher percentage of gays than of straights.

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That many gays are embracing parties like FN and AfD is a source of bafflement and outrage for politicians, journalists, academics, and gay activists who are used to the idea of gays as docile field hands on the leftist plantation. Their response to this new development is to smear the right-wing parties as cynical exploiters of the gay electorate, and to find some condescending way of interpreting gay support for these parties.

For example, German social psychologist Beate Kupper told CNN that gays are joining AfD because it makes them feel better, as members of an “out” group, to demonize members of another “out” group.

In March, J. Lester Feder of BuzzFeed interviewed a “group of queer and immigrant activists” in Amsterdam who angrily dismissed politician Geert Wilders’s expressions of concern about Muslim gay-hatred as “racism dressed up in liberal drag.” Wilders, Feder warned, wasn’t alone: Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte was also now saying that immigrants who “harass gays” should leave the country.

Read the entire PJ Media story.

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