More Economic Good News: Factory Production Rises

The economic good news keeps increasing under the Republicans after a long night of Democrat rule.

Compare the economic good news we’re continually getting now to the news during the Obama regime. We were assured that unemployment would be high without the stimulus bill that Obama pushed. It was presented as a smart plan to save the economy. After stimulus passed, unemployment went higher than what the Obama people were warning us would happen without the stimulus. Then the Democrats insisted that they underestimated how bad the economy was.

So that was the Obama perspective: the economy is bad and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Then Trump won.

Bloomberg reports, “U.S. Manufacturing Output Rose in December for Fourth Month.

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U.S. factory production rose for a fourth straight month in December, capping the strongest quarter since 2010 and underscoring a resurgence in manufacturing that’s primed for further advances […]

Factory output increased at a 7 percent annualized rate in the fourth quarter, the strongest since the second quarter of 2010.


Stronger consumer spending, increased business investment and more shipments of merchandise to overseas customers are providing plenty of fuel for the nation’s producers. What’s more, the lowest business inventory-to-sales ratio in three years could translate into increased production in coming months.

Read the entire Bloomberg story.

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