Moore About this Lynching

Aside from wondering just when our favorite viewing was transformed from the entertaining “Cheyenne Cody” westerns to this current parade of political blabbermouths of all stripes and persuasions, my skepticism just peaked when hearing a very calm and logical radio caller who is retired from law enforcement.

Fully realizing that everything in life comes with its own “tipping point,” I never-the-less feel the need to pass on this slice of basic law enforcement. The caller informed that until these various Moore accusers do so under oath, in other words, a legal sworn deposition, it’s not worth a bag of beans. (my expression)

Seriously, until there is what Obama calls “skin in the game,” finger pointing is a cheap and carefree art!  But this only heightens our actual dilemma.  Just how did we let Cheyenne and his upstanding character fade from viewing?  Especially for it’s trite replacement of endless TV debate!

Since this particular TV show pertains to a certain age group, it is only the elders who can convey about how a degeneration has taken place within our enjoyment and quality of viewing.  TV shows used to be fun, family fun but now seem solely geared to both informing and developing public opinion.

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Returning to what this caller referenced, he was merely stating a normal prerequisite, a statement of fact under oath of what precedes any official inquiry and obviously provides justification for subsequent investigation.

With the omitting of such a basic legal requirement, shades of disingenuousness sprouts upon all the TV nightly voices who voice their legal tenets as to why Moore should resign!  Could blame be directed at Law Schools for breezing over such legal rudiments? Certainly makes one ask; “what gives?”  Dare I mention that it’s appearing to be a classic rush to judgment fueled by the whims from both parties?

Is this what our system of justice has bottomed out at?  For all those who wrongly spout of America being a democracy, well, here it is.  Majority numbers is the game now!  Emotional hype towards a certain direction, as with that old time cattle rustler dangling from a rope, will always achieve it’s desire result!

Just silently ask yourself; what effect has all these non-stop condemnations produced, just within yourself.  Doubts and incriminations are its intent.  Essentially now, these TV shows represent just a different venue for inciting the mob mentality since abusive, unethical or in this case, a miscarriage of justice, drifts along much easier with high approval ratings. And this public sentiment acts as a double whammy since it will drift into a certain Senate race next month in Alabama.

Today this crusade concerns Roy Moore.  Who or what will these assassination tactics center on in the future and how will this he said-she said tool change our elections?  Moreover, who can or would want to withstand such a detailed inspection?   Realistically, who would be left other than those who are the protected scoundrels?

Under this lawless system, devoid of any legal depositions, ala personal responsibility, both our judicial system and free elections will become manipulated.  This is a hell of a price for gaining a Senate seat, but one which our bipartisan political weasels seem willing to meet.

I’m afraid that with this issue I am reaching its tipping point.  However, this is about more than one individual. It’s about free elections and the right of the accused to retain his innocence until proven guilty.  Without the required “skin in the game” of sworn legal depositions, by those who freely accuse from thirty year old bleachers, our system becomes nothing more than a kangaroo court based upon personal injury and without any recourse. Cheyenne Cody would call this a legalized lynch mob!  And he would be right!

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