Who Does Monica Lewisnky Blame for “Ruining Her Life?”

Monica Lewinsky gave her first public speech in years to the crowd gathered at Forbes Under 30 in Philadelphia on Monday. The speech centered around the idea that cyberbullying is epidemic and must be stopped. As part of that overall message, she told her own harrowing story… and then blamed it all on “cyberbullying.”

In fact, the specific person she blames for EVERYTHING might come as a surprise to you.

Monica Lewinsky doesn’t blame herself for getting into a relationship with a married President of the United States.

Lewinsky doesn’t blame Bill Clinton for taking advantage of a young, impressionable intern. Nor does she blame him for pretending that she was crazy when people started asking questions.

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She doesn’t blame Hillary Clinton (whose people still attack her to this very day).

Lewinsky doesn’t even blame the Clinton political team. You know, the people who, for months, dragged Lewisnky through the mud in their efforts to discredit her.

Monica Lewinsky blamed Matt Drudge. Seriously.


I wonder who Lewinsky would say ruined the lives of all the other “Clinton Mistresses?” Or was that all Matt Drudge’s fault too?

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